The wife, Judy, and I had been together for a number of years. I'd been wondering what it would be like to watch another man have his way with my woman. She's cute, blonde hair, blue eyes, 60, med hgt/wgt, nice big tits and a really snug pussy.
I finally got the nerve to bring up the subject and, to my surprise, she was somewhat receptive saying it's have to be someone of her choosing of course. I had no problem with that.
She gives massage in our home and I asked if a customer she has might be of interest. She thought a moment and said "Yeah, Larry would be good. He's 45, regular hgt/wgt, handsome, and generally takes a few minutes to come when she gives him a "happy ending".
She called him and asked if he'd like to come for dinner with us. He agreed and the following Saturday evening about six he showed up.
When he first came in, she hugged him and asked him inside. He was all smiles. I shook hands with him and told him I was glad he could come over.
"No problem Mike, Judy is a sweetheart and I do enjoy her massages".
Judy was only wearing a thin gown without panties and the gown just fell below her ass so when she'd bend over, her ass was in full view and Larry was admiring it.
I winked at him smilingly and he was excited; I could see his cock pressing against his slacks.
After eating, Judy asked if he might like a massage.
"Sure!" he said. She took him by the hand and I followed as she lead him into the massage room. She stripped him down and his cock was semi hard already. Figured it be probably a good seven inches hard which was the size she liked; as I said, she was very tight.
I undressed as he got on the table. She began massaging him telling him how attractive he was. As she was rubbing his back, his hand was massing her upper leg.
Flowing downward to his ass, she began kneading it roughly which he said he really liked.
As she did his legs, I could see her hand go between his upper legs and gently brush against his balls and he'd moan softly.
She told him to flip over and when he did his cock was totally hard and pulsing.
As she rubbed his chest, he was playing with her pussy and she was getting flushed so I new her juices were flowing.
Watching my sweetheart pleasing him was very exciting to me as well.
Each time she'd rub from his ankle up his leg toward his cock, he'd moan again and each time she gently touched his rod.
She was soon grinding against his hand and I could see he had a couple fingers inside her.
She looked at me smilingly and said "Oh honey he's getting me hot!"
"I can see that dear" I chuckled.
She cupped his balls in one hand and began slowing stroking him. In a couple minutes a small droplet of precum slipped out.
"Honey, climb on that pole and ride it!" I said.
She smilingly straddled his hips and he held his cock upright watching the head of it part her wet hot lips.
They both groaned as she sank totally down onto it!
She leaned forward and kissed him. I could see his balls just below her puckered little asshole.
Soon, she was riding him hard and steadily. He held her hands on her hips and her ass muscles were flexing each time she pumped him!
"Oh Lord I'm coming!" Judy muttered. I moved up and cupped his balls feeling the cum being pumped up into her!
They slowed the pace and his cock gradually withdrew and his cum began dribbling out her hole.
I'd had hand towels ready and handed each of them one.
After she moved off him and was on her feet, I bent her forward and she began kissing him again as I slipped my cock up inside her wet well-fucked pussy!
Didn't take long before my own jism mingled with his.
I wiped her pussy clean and gave it a couple quick licks.
He left and we laid on the table in the after glow of some really hot fucking.

4 months ago


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    • My husband n i both 52 and hes a cute young lad working with him he told me joking the young lad has huge cock n we laughed but anytime i see him i think of his cock inside me . one night i told my husband n he got turned on by my fantasy . last saturday it happened he came over and after few drinks i let him fuck me and yes it was huge now i want more

    • Hell yeah how bout let a 39yr old play and I'm above 7 inches

    • Loved reading that. Had me hard.

    • Got me soaked

    • Hi, glad you like it. thanks for responding.

    • We are in our fifties and retired. When we were down in Florida for 3 months looking for a southern home to buy I met a few guys to play cards with a few times a week. Wife tells me one night why don't you host them next week, she came out wearing this outfit and all of our eyes were off the cards. She had told me years ago that she always fantasized about multiple guys having fun with her. She served drinks and snacks during which she rubbed a lot of shoulders with her boobs and let guys touch her. All were looking over at me but I just nodded and enjoyed watching her get some attention from them. I did not think I would enjoy watching her with three other guys but it was a lot of fun pleasuring her with them.

    • Thanks for responding. It is an awfully lot of fun. Her favorite position is doggie and hope to soon see her get a big one from behind while my cock is in her mouth.

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