Friends BM

A few years back like 3 4 years ago I had this ex but we broke up all on good term and went different ways still kept a little contact threw social media and sort and threw there I found out she was going out with 1 of my friends and they kept it a secret and he come clean I told him it dont bother me and it didnt iv gotten used to life without her now and she got a kid with him now.

Around april 2019 she started talking to me again but we never met alone for the 1st 3 months then she asked to meet so I agreed she sounded down and we met and she told me how her fella dont find her attractive after having 2 kids n all.

So In that moment we went back to my car and we had sex in the back of the car and the way she was feeling u can tell she ain't had dick in so long until we met she has been having an affair with me but during lockdown was hard to meet her so we would wake up at 8am an she would say she going for walk and I'd pick her up and we go fuck in my car and when I see my friend and her we pretend like nothing ever happend and I love the thrill of it

4 months ago

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    • I wanted a BM story, bowel movement

    • I went with Elaina 2 years. We drifted and slowly broke up. I'd see her at a club and we'd fuck 'one last time' in the car about 10x. We both get married, have kids. The girl loved college and never stopped going. We're both late 30s and we run into each at high end dept store. She tells me she has a PHD. The conversation gets a little dirty, I tell she looks great and her tits got bigger,. She says maybe it's her new birth control and by the way, wanna fuck one last time in my SUV on the parking deck? Sure Doc.
      Some things never change. She says she's never been unfaithful but we have a history. She hasn't had any oral since the last time we did it. She really enjoyed getting it. We lay back for and hour under a blanket and then drive to park we used to feed the ducks at and she gives me a blowjob. She missed sucking dick.
      In the biggest coincidence ever. I'm on lunch break and I'm crossing a street with in a crosswalk. The driver of Corvette slams on the break, stops a foot short of me -- it's her.

    • Life is full of coincidences and opportunities.

    • Cheaters gonna cheat hoes gonna hoe.

    • So you fucked your friendship up as well as fucking up their relationship when he finds out about it! They always do find out! They will get in a fight and she will throw it in his face! Destroying a marriage with kids as well!
      I hope you are proud of yourself and have eye's in the back of your head because your ex-friend will come after you. If you where my friend and I found out that you did that to another friend you would have lost two friends!

    • Except they do not always find out.

    • Yeah they do. Sometimes 20 yrs later buy truth always comes out. Mine is lying cheating cunt. Twenty yrs later I find out everything. She now homeless old used up no one wants and as saying goes. Took the trash out ... permanently

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