The girl moans and gets into it

In the middle of the night I was awoken to load moans of pleasure coming from my son's bedroom. His girlfriend was getting off and I was getting aroused. I slipped out of bed and into the bathroom hoping my wife continued to sleep. I then masturbated that I was the one screwing the young hottie. Now when I see her, I get an instant hardon.

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  • She might like it more, if you watched.

  • I used to masturbate while my brother fucked his girlfriend in his bedroom. One night I dated his girlfriend's sister and we were on my bed kissing when we heard them fucking. After they finished, we took off our clothes and she guided me into her. We were both virgins until then. The next day my brother told me that he and his girlfriend had heard us. Over that summer I would fuck my girlfriend after listening to them fuck. We never switched girlfriends but my brother and I both wanted to.

  • Do you think your son would let you fuck his girlfriend?

  • I fantasize about fucking my son's hot gf. I caught a nude glimpse of her once and wow! She was trying to change behind a hanging towel blowing in the wind. I can understand getting excited by noises coming from her while having sex

  • Fock off pedo

  • Shameful. You let your charge copulate while unmarried in your own home, and then masturbate with lustful glee?

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