My wife trusted me too much

I’ve been married to my wife for 10 years now. She’s a sweet mom, loving wife, and a genuinely good woman. She’s from a small town, and she has that wholesome small town attitude. My wife loves and trusts me completely. She’s the mom nextdoor type. Like your buddies mom growing up that you always wanted to fuck. She’s shorter, blonde, nice tits, and a nice bubbly ass on her.

About 3 years ago she started posing for naked photos for me. Just a little fun with the camera to spice up our sex live a little. I promised her that this was all just for me. I’d never show anyone. She had fun and being naughty made her little pussy so wet. Her tits looked so good in the pics. Her legs spread and her pink pussy lips wide open. She looked so hot! So slutty!

A few weeks later I was out of town for work hanging out my hotel room playing on the internet. I came across a page that you can anonymously post photos. I thought, fuck it let’s see what these guys think about my wife. I posted one pic after another. Each one got a bigger response than the last. They wanted to suck on my wife’s tits, fuck her pink cunt, and bury their cocks deep in her asshole. All these strangers looking at my naked wife and telling me all the nasty shit they’d do to the poor girl made my cock rock hard.

As time went on I’ve become completely addicted to exposing my wife. 3 years later and I still show her slutty pics and vids to strangers almost daily. I’ve shown total strangers my wife’s tits, her pussy, her asshole, her sucking cock, her fucking her dildos, and her taking my cock. I’ve even shown off pics and vids of my warm cum dripping out of her used pussy. Occasionally I’ll even put her on live webcams for strangers to watch her. Men have watched her bathe, suck cock, and get her pussy filled live without her having a clue.

She still has no idea how many people have seen what dirty little slut she can be. As far as I can tell over a million people have seen my naked wife. One vid of her fucking her vibrator on a major porn site has 150,000 views alone. Another of her slamming a 8” dildo in her pussy then sucking her pussy juice off it has more than 50,000 views. I’m sure by now someone that knows her has seen her, but nobody has ever said anything.

I doubt I’ll ever stop. I get off hearing about what men would do to her. Some men can be very brutal in the way they talk about what they’d do to her. Now when I get new pics or vids of her I post them online almost immediately. My wife will always be a webslut because of me. Robin should never have trusted me!

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  • My wife doesn't let me take slutty photos of her but she loves to dress slutty and go to bars and see if men want to pick her up. She left with two guys Friday night and didn't come home until noon yesterday. I watched as she took off her clothes and she had come running down her legs. I filled the bath tub for her and while she soaked she told me what they did with her. They had both come in her mouth and pussy. After she got out of the tub, I dried her off and then we went to bed. She guided me into her loose, slippery cunt and I added my come inside her. I fucked her again this morning and am happy that I got to come in her twice this weekend. It doesn't matter to me that two other guys also fucked her this weekend.

  • Great job on training your wife to be a web slut!! She sounds Hot!! I'd love to be invited over and make your darling cum all over my cock. I'd love to hear more!! Steve!!

  • Fuck you Steve!!

  • She is a great webslut! I always push her to do sluttier and sluttier things for the camera. Fuck her pussy with random things around the house, pose in riskier public places, and always make sure you can clearly see her face so if someone does know her they will recognize her for sure. Of coarse in the end I do want to see her cum all over a strangers cock. Her day is coming. A little alcohol with the right “stranger” we meet at the bar, and she’ll stuffed from both ends with dick.

  • You're an ass. I hope she finds out how much you have betrayed her, and she leaves you.

  • He ain't married! Just a lonely old man stuck in momma's trailer for the last 45 years.

  • She won’t leave me. She has nowhere to go. She has a good life and is well taken care of. She has no skills or degrees that would make her employable. Once it’s clear that she either lives with it, or commits to poverty, she will pick lives with it. I look her as mine. My wife, my tits, my pussy, my asshole, my sex slave. I’ll do whatever I want with her. I’ll show my slave to anyone I want. If I want to show cum pouring out of her cunt with her face for everyone to see I will. I’ve even told guys her real name. She has no choice and never will.

  • The Bible app is free

  • Where are these posted a d what is your profile. I’d love to see them!

  • Fuck, send em this way.

  • I'd love to see her photos and videos also...

  • Me too.

  • I’m not really on here to find people to expose her to. I have no problem finding people that want to see her fuck herself. I’m here more to hear what people think about what I’ve done. What they think of me. What they think of her. What they hope happens.

  • I think secretly she knows, and enjoys, these are hard core pics that you are taking and filming. She loves it, probably begging for you to take it one step further and share her slippery wet pussy

  • I kind of feel the same. She never complains when I start taking pics and vids. Sometimes she even asks if I want to film her. They are not soft core for the most part. Usually I start with her fully clothed and the strip her until completely naked with cum leaking out of her pussy. A couple nights ago I was filming her while I had two fingers working her gspot. She came so hard and her pussy was squeezing so hard. She loves telling me about when other men flirt with her. The things they say are impressive. Very bold things. She begs for my cock every time it happens. She likes to talk about it during foreplay. Her pussy gets wet when it’s brought up weeks later.

  • I think this never happened at all. You're just writing this crap to get a reaction from people and to jack yourself off. Either way, you're a piece of sh*t.

  • It’s real. Happens to women all day long.

  • I'd love to see her photos and videos. Please email me

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