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I didn't have the money for car repairs... my husband had been shipped over seas and he wouldn't be back for a year...every time i drove to the store and back smoke would come out of the engine compartment and it kept getting worst and worst till the overheat bell would ding on the dash board .... with nowhere to go and barely having funds for food mortgage and everything in between .. I reluctantly turned to Jack for help... i texted him with my problem and didn't receive a reply so i texted him again that i would do anything for his help..... that's how I found my new sexual self ..he texted back and would help if i wore a skirt with no panties.... ( I've only been with one man all my life that's my husband ) .. I told him I would think on that and sure enough in the position i was in it only took 2 minutes .. Sunday he would stop by to look at it .. and sure enough I embarrassingly gave him a good flash of my pussy and he was glad to see it.. as i sat there opened legs he opened the hood and he said half of my radiator was rotted out ... and i needed a new one ..well how am I going to do this with no money ? he walked over to me unzip his pants and pulled his cock out ..i looked surprised but it dawned on me what was happening here .. so i sucked his cock into full erection he tells me to work on my pussy and before long he lifted me up over the hood and rammed his cock in my well moist pussy i kept working on my pussy and taking as much cock as i could till my orgasm snuck up on me and i couldn't stop all i felt was his hands on my hips as he pushed it all in and moaned..... pls noooo... pls don't tell me you did .. with a lump on my throat .. Jack pls tell me me you didn't do it in me ... I'm not on birth control... huge load of cum drips out of my pussy a bead of cum hangs from my pussy lips... don't worry he tells me your fine i had a vasectomy... oh my god this is the worst thing happening on my life i exclaim... then he says that he would look to get me a radiator ... how long will it take? i asked .. well depends on you he tells me ... i have no money Jack ... i know but you have a pussy... i smiled and said ok if you can fix it you can have all the pussy you want ..... well lets say that the car is fixed among other things I still kept my promise to my husband that I would not be on birth control till he comes back .. but I've enjoyed being fucked at a moments notice i don't wear any panties and when i menstruate i suck his cock I'm loving it being a personal whore I've swallowed more cum in one month then my entire 4 year of pussy throbs when I shave before he arrives so i get it ready for immediate hard pounding penetration .. usually in the laundry room we don't make it in from the garage ... i have yet to perform anally but I'm getting brave on that one ..

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    • During the hell of last year I ended up leaving my husband. Stayed with a friend but had to get a job to pay for other things. Then my car needed work done. I remembered our old neighbour was good with cars. That meant going back to my exes place. Luckily my ex wasn't there so after I spoke to my neighbour he told me to bring the car by on Saturday and he'd be able to do it. Dropped it off and walked into town,did a bit of shopping then realized I didn't budget to pay for the car. I didn't know what I was gonna do. He texted to say he was done. When I got back to his I told him I didn't have enough to pay him so could he wait a few days? He said he could but maybe we could work something else out in the meantime. Initially I felt dirty but after all I was a single young woman with needs myself. So I un did his belt and unzipped his Jean's and pulled them down and out popped a very big dick,well alot bigger than my exes. I sucked him off nicely and I thought that would be it but I guess he was hornier than me. He stood me up and backed me to the wall then kissed me. It was late summer so I was in short cut off Jean's and a vest so he relieved me of them and pulled them right off me,next he pulled down the front of my thong. I was a bit embarrassed that I had an almost full on bush but I hadn't had any action in months so let it grow. He pulled my thong off and said "nice hairy muff" and ran his fingers through it.

    • His middle finger found my slit and he began rubbing up and down. My pussy soon became moist and my lips opened. In slid his finger and I moaned softly in approval. He bent forward to look at my pussy and lifted one of my legs onto a nearby chair and began rubbing my clit and every so on sliding 2 fingers between my wet lips. Soon I was buckling over in pleasure and it take long for me to orgasm. He stood up and kissed me while rubbing my juices over my bush. I looked him in the eyes and said "I thought I was supposed to be paying you?" He said "yeah you owe me an orgasm now." He took my hand and lead me to his sofa. We took off the rest of our clothes and I lay on my back with my legs open wide on the edge. He licked me out for about 10 minutes but I was so horny now I just wanted his big cock in my pussy. I ran my fingers through his hair and pulled slightly, he looked up and I whispered "fuck me now!"

    • Good cum slut

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