International Thai student

During uni days, I was working on a project and was grouped with a few other students and a Thai international student.

As the semester progressed, we all got very close as each of us had a major component in the final outcome of our findings. However I got very close to the international student. My component required plenty of meetings with the company we were partnered with same goes the Thai girl. As her English wasn't very clear, she asked I accompany her to her meetings and help wherever I could.

This was fine until writing up our findings and the she needed extra help. Funny thing is, I play soccer for a club as a senior player and was asked by her to play with the Thai boys in the uni's overseas student's league when I can cause they know I dominate such a sunday league. So I've seen her bf and have played along side him at times.

Come writng up her component, she has problem expressing what the client discussed into proper English so we make time to help. This one time I couldn't make it so she asked I go to her apartment in rhe evening to help. But she picked a evening when her bf has to go to work, how convenient.

So I rock up to her apartment and she welcomes me in. It's not big but enough for 2. We get started and 30 min in she asked if i wanted to watch some porn. That got me by surprise and said if is Thai porn then why not. So she puts on a video of Thai porn and trust me, white porn kills what I was watching.

Anyhow she starts taking of her cloths as to act put the scenes and not even asking me, starts unbuckling my trousers to get to my hard cock. She whips it out and starts to suck it as hard as she can like a vacuum. Then she pulls me up from the table and walks me to the wall and faces it while sticking her pussy out saying fuck me from behind.

I slided my cock into her wet pussy and gently start to fuck her. She's enjoying this cock so much but then says to not be afraid and fuck as hard as I can, she wants to remember this moment. My god if we were on a table, I'd snap it in half I think because of the force I was pushing into her. She covered her mouth and started to moan in absolute pleasure.

I was about to cum so pulled out and came all over her anus and back. She rushed to the shower to clean up and returned naked. She said Thai girls are shy to show off their breasts but she was ok showing me. They were perky and innocent and she came closer and I started to lick them, rubbed them and squeezed them. Then she got onto her knees and started to clean my cock with her tongue. It got hard again but she said she had more than enough so I agreed and we went back to our studies and soon after I left.

I never returned back to her appartment but we had plenty of quickies around the uni and on weekends we didn't play soccer and instead went on picnics. Yep I can still remember her, even the details of her appartment and the surroundings.

3 months ago

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    • I had a thai student at College, gorgeous and sexy af. i just imagined her in this story

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