I didn't lose my virginity like most girls ... I didn't lose it in the back of a car or under the school bleachers or some other place .... i wouldn't call it LOOSING it i gladly let it happen.... he made it special and I'm thankful and proud of it ...Mike was a good looking like much older then me and he knew i was attracted to him when he found out that i hadn't been with anyone and i was willing to have sex but couldn't do to not having protection or not being experienced he volunteered to assist and said it had to be a special occasion ... so we arranged a date that wouldn't raise suspicions to anyone he had rented a room for one day in a very high class hotel 14th floor room 1414... and i was nervous ... i walked in separately early sunday ( the 14th ) afternoon i knocked on the door and he was waiting for me totally naked .. i grinned at the sight and he started to undress me i was standing there totally naked he brought to the bed and sat me on the edge started to kiss my inner thighs ( i laid backwards ) and he found my tight pussy and where only my fingers had been his mouth was licking and sucking and I was loving it ,my god it was so good then he pulled he pulled me up pushed me down on my knees and coached me to suck his huge cock ( never had sucked cock) I was having a hard time doing it but i got into it quickly he laid me back raised my legs and aimed the huge cock right at the entrance of my swollen pussy he made me rub my pussy as he rocked the head in and out ( what a great feeling that was ) as i continued to rub my pussy it soon got a mind of it's own ,and i started to meet his motions and i pushed harder and harder onto his cock just when my orgasms couldn't be stopped i pushed into him forcefully taking his cock causing a little pain but i didn't care i was cuming hard and his cock was in me he pushed in me deeper that wasn't pleasant it was to much cock for a beginner but he finally looked at me and closed his eyes and let it all inside me .... my goodness i couldn't believe he had pumped all that cum in my virgin pussy... when he pulled out i could see blood ring along with cum around his shaft .. i looked at him and got nervous with his cum inside me he told me not to worry .. he had a vasectomy after his second child was born ... i continued to fuck him at my after school part time job we sneaked and fucked at work many many times i could go balls deep on his entire cock within a month and could swallow his entire load without spilling a drop........ now that I'm married and have 3 kids every time I drive by the hotel it brings back memories that i treasure

4 months ago

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