Passed out wife

So we went to a super bowl party at a bar. Not our normal thing but we haven't been out anywhere since the stupid covid deal. The kids were at granny's so we got a hotel room next door to the bar and were off to socialize. The wife was flirting pretty heavy. She hasn't drank in a while. I'm much more open to kink than she is so I was enjoying it. He bought her several shots of tequila and she was past her limit! I told him I better get her to our room and he asked if he could join us. She was wasted at this point and said he could come if he wanted and I didn't object. We got to the room and she flopped on the bed and was out cold. He said damn that's disappointing! As he was heading for the door he said I wish I could have at least got to see those tits. I thought for a second and said hell, why not. I'll help you get her shirt off. He asked if I would mind if he kissed on them and I responded fuck it, do whatever you want! He said really? I told him she wasn't going to remember any of it so why not. He asked me what the limit was and I said get your freak on but don't hurt her. He looked like he just won the lottery! He did everything! He was really a freak! Even did a something I hadn't seen, titty fucked her backwards so her mouth was on his ass. He finished be just covering her face in sum, seemed like it would never stop coming out! He left and I looked down at her laying there all used, I pulled her legs up and got mine in her ass. After some pics for my secret stash I sit beside her and thought to myself, this was so awesome! Definitely not the last time

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  • WTF sick asshole!

  • 1972 my fiancee Jane and I driving back from NYC and it started snowing like crazy. So we stop at this pretty nice hotel to get a room. But it's booked. We'll just wait it out in the car but we got to Hotel bar. There we meet 2 older guys 40's, co reps. They said they got the last room, it's suite with 2 double beds and a pull out. They say we can have the pull out. I thought Jane was going to blow them. We have 3 or 4 beers and go to the room. I am really beat and hit the pull out right away. Jane and the guys watch TV in the other room. It doesn't work out with Jane and I, we part ways friends. At our 30 year college reunion we're both there with out our other and we have a 3 day fling. She tells me about that night in the PA mountains. She said the 2 guys were WWII vets and never had a blowjob, wives of that age just didn't do that. Jane's real patriotic -- she checked that box for them. I gave her a high 5.

  • God bless America

  • So you let someone sexually assault and raped your wife? Thats why you are a lonely old fat man living in his mothers trailer jerking off to this. Excited to see you post sick fuck?

  • If you are not worried about the covid thing you should have asked the guy for a big tip for getting some pussy

  • LOL, All these comments were made by the same person, one after the other. Nice cut and past jobs. It's the same negative critiques over and over again,

  • LOL, Another nice cut and paste.

  • LOL, All these comments were made by the same person, one after the other. Nice cut and past jobs. It's the same negative critiques over and over again.

  • LOL, Another nice cut and paste

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