My husband is amazing

One of my favorite things to do is get his morning started right. I did it often when we first were married and both working but last year I left my job to stay at home and take care our munchkin and I do not regret it one bit.
We have been blessed with a munchkin that sleeps and is not an early riser so most mornings when his alarm goes off I get him started right with a blow job, sometimes he wakes up before his alarm and we have even more fun. I know he loves it and it gets his day going the right way first thing. But honestly I do it because I know what it does in his brain and if I am really being honest, my God I love his cock, it is so perfectly sized for me. I love to just get on top of him and sink right down on it, I love to kiss and tease it listening to him moan. I love to attack it hard and hear him gasp a little bit but most of all I love seeing his face when he has an orgasm.
I wondered if he was getting enough of it so I told him one time that if he ever wants me to pleasure him just ask because I know you love it. He told me Baby, you pleasure me so much already and I gave him one right away.
He works his butt off giving us a great life, when he received his last promotion he told me that he knew I wanted a career but if I ever changed my mind and wanted to stay home he was all for it.
God, I love that man.

4 months ago

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