Watched them

Crashed over a mates house the other night, he gave us the spare room and i passed out early, woke after an hour or so needing a piss and could hear fucking, snuck round down stairs and peared round the door to see him pounding his missus from behind, shes always been fit but it was fucjing hot to watch my mate pounding her from behind slapping her ass and pulling her hair. i watched for ages as they swapped positions and he fucked the shit out of her, shocked me abit when he fucked her face and finished inside her mouth. cant seem to look er in the face without getting a semi now, cant help but look at her that way now

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  • Finishing inside a woman's mouth is great. i dated a swallower for about 4 years amd miss her still.

  • Sounds hot, did you run one out watching or go to the bathroom? How old are they? Please describe her

  • My mates 27 and she is 24, long brown hair, cracking arse, and pretty big tits, such an innocent face on her, you would never know she like it like that, na i rubbed one out while watching

  • It’s obvious that they were hoping you would watch.

    Fit women can’t help but to be an exhibitionist, even when they’re married.

  • They want you to do more than watch. One hard cock isn't enough for that hot slut.

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