My 21st Birthday

Let me first give you a little background. I am the last of three children born to my parents. I was born on my mom’s 29th birthday. Because of that we have always had a special bond. I always thought she was pretty.

My parents went through a nasty divorce when I was 10. At the time I was never told why, other than my mom was moving 4 hours away and I would get to see her for a month in the summer. My older brother and sister were okay with this arrangement, but I was devastated. Luckily, that month was always during our birthdays, so we got to celebrate together.

It was when we were celebrating my 16th birthday that Mom told me why she and my dad had gotten a divorce. It seems that throughout her life she had always thought she was a lesbian, but hid her feelings. She also told me that when I was 6 she met a woman who had hidden the same feelings for many years, but had just come out of the closet. She helped Mom open up and after four years, Mom decided that it wasn't fair to Dad, and she needed to leave. The only thing she regretted was that she had fought to take me with her, but then when Dad brought up that she was a lesbian, the judge nixed the idea of me living with her.

After I graduated from high school, I enrolled at a university where Mom lived and I'd be 18 then. I did it because I was mad at my dad for not letting me have much access to her. Mom and I quickly became even closer friends while I was in school there. This brings me to the meat of the story, it was my 21st and her 50th birthday.

Mom had decided since this birthday was a big milestone for both of us that we should truly celebrate, and what better place for a guy turning 21 than Las Vegas. Mom made all of the arrangements including first class air-fare and great accommodations. On the plane, Mom told me that we had reservations for a Jacuzzi suite for the entire week. It did not surprise me about the room as Mom always liked to go first class.

I began to suspect something was up while on the plane. We were watching the movie and Mom asked the flight attendant for a blanket. Mom took the blanket and covered both of our laps. I told her I wasn’t cold but she went ahead and patted the blanket on my lap. As they lowered the cabin lights in first class, I felt Mom run her hand under the blanket and onto my lap. I already had a boner that she must have noticed, but she didn't say anything. She told me that we were going to have the best week of our lives. I assumed she was talking about gambling and golf and the such. I had never thought she would have any other thoughts, but her hand stayed on my bulge. Of course I had those thoughts about Mom because even though she was turning 50 she looked more like 35. She was in magnificent shape, without a sag, partly do to the results of her boob job for her 40th birthday. They were still very firm and very enticing.

We arrived at the hotel at 9:00 pm. That was late for us as we live on the East coast, but in the city that never sleeps we decided that we still had plenty of time to party. We checked in, found our room, and changed for our trip to the casino floor. I changed in the bathroom, while Mom changed in the main part of the room. As I walked out I was bowled over. Mom had on a very sexy black dress with spaghetti straps that was meant to show cleavage. Boy, did it ever! It hit mom about mid-thigh, letting you see just the tops of her black stockings. Needless to say, seeing my Mom dressed like this made me instantly hard.

We headed down to the tables and decided to play blackjack. After 3 hours of cards, we were doing well, up $3000. I could tell that Mom was getting tired and I suggested we head on upstairs. Back in the room, she told me to go ahead and get a shower. I was still hard, but didn't want to take more time than a quick shower should take. As I was finishing my shower, turning off the water, I noticed mom was standing there in the bathroom. To my surprise, she was dressed only in her thong panties, garter belt, and stockings. She was facing the mirror opposite of the shower and gave me a very inviting look as I was standing there reaching for a towel. I could see that she was looking my stiff erection, but she didn’t say a word. Instead she stripped off the rest of her things and got in the shower. I didn’t quite know what to do but as I went into the main part of the room any doubts I had were cast away when I saw the bed covers pulled back, and a porno flick on the television. The scene on the screen had two ladies really going at in a 69 position with each using a dildo on the other.

I sat down on the couch and poured myself a drink from the mini-bar and started watching these two ladies at work. You could tell that they were really into this and not just acting for the camera. I was getting into it also with my hand in my boxers rubbing my pre-cum over the head of my dick. I was so involved in the movie that I didn’t hear Mom come out of the shower. She had a towel around her head and was drying herself with another.

She didn’t think a thing about me seeing her in the nude and she even asked me if I liked her movie selection. She then told me that if I was uncomfortable in my boxers, that she wouldn’t be upset if I took them off as she was already in the buff. She then sat next to me on the couch and proceeded to help me get them off, my erection pointing at the ceiling. Mom told me that she needed to be frank with me. Although she was predominately a lesbian, she did like a good hard cock from time to time and she hoped that we could make this week one of those times. With that, she leaned over into my lap and took my 7 inches into her mouth. I was so stunned by the whole turn of events, how good Mom was making me feel, added to the fact that I was very inexperienced, that I came in her mouth right away. It seemed like I shot forever but Mom didn’t miss a beat.

After I had finished and she cleaned me up good, she looked up at me and told me that she knew this was going to be a great week. Even though I had just shot the biggest load of my life, I was still hard as a rock. Mom noticed and just hopped right into my lap and guided me into her pussy. I then noticed that she shaved and her pussy was smooth as a baby’s bottom. Mom really started working herself up and down on my cock. In all the times I’d had sex before, not a single girl had taken this much initiative. Mom really rode my cock for what seemed like an eternity. Having just cum, I was lasting this time.

She had me squeeze her firm DD tits and suck on her nipples while she was grinding her clit on the base of my cock. I know she came at least twice, then she turned herself around so that she was facing away form me while I was still sitting on the edge of the couch. I stared at her sexy round ass now in view with her turned around from me. I don't know if it was looking at Mom's ass, or if it was the change of angle, or both, but after about 10 of her strokes, I shot off into her like a cannon. It was more powerful than the first orgasm I had, but this was definitely hotter. Mom then laid herself back against me and told me that she was definitely beat for the night, but with a week in Vegas, we still had plenty of time to play and she had lots of activities planned for us. Some were even outside of our suite!

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  • It sounds like you two have got to a special time in your relationship. Enjoy it and see where it goes because it could be temporary. A mother and son normally have a strong bond so it's no surprise that you two are having sex. It's so exciting when this happens, good luck!!

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