Wife’s sister

I want to fuck my wife’s sister. I’ve gotten to the point where I am jealous of her fiancé. And completely addicted to snatching her dirty underwear and cumming into them whenever I visit.

My wife and I lived with her at one point and there was a morning where she left her door open and I did not know what came over me but I snuck into her room quietly grabbed a worn thong jacked off into them while watching her sleep.

I need to somehow have sex with her to get over this obsession.

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  • You need to let it lie. Do not act on it, just think of her when you fuck the wife. This will pass in time. I know what if I speak.

  • You steal her panties! Admit you smell and lick them! Admit that you especially love when her husband fucked her and his cum leaked all over those panties. You love licking his cum! Admit that sissy fag.

  • Sister in law fantasy is very common. I definitely thought about my wife's sister!

  • You too are a sick fuck!

  • No you don't! You need to spend a year in jail followed by intensive mental health treatment.

  • Stfu

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