I Hate Mayonnaise

I fucking HATE Mayonnaise. Why does every restaurant put mayonnaise on EVERY single sandwich they serve? It makes the bread all soggy and ruins the damn meat taste no matter how much of it you wipe off or how good you are at wiping it off. It tastes like glue and paint with curdled milk and for some reason it seems all white people LOVE the shit out of it. It's fucking horrible. I ALWAYS get sick from it no matter how much or little I ingest. Oh yeah and it smells like nasty old mildewed sweat inside a piss stained mattress.

What pisses me off more is that EVERY time I tell the damn drive thru guy to make sure there is NO MAYO on my sandwich they just glob on more of that cum looking crap all over the damn thing. God how can mayonnaise be part of the demographic? IT FUCKING SUCKS!!

What goes through people's minds while eating this shit? Seriously I want to know why the hell people would even think about eating such a foul substance. I can't believe it. What is mayonnaise's purpose on this earth? Does it actually have one? Will someone PLEASE tell me why people eat this HORRIBLE SHIT?

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  • Because it tastes great! If you don't like it don't eat it. If you order something and it is wrong go into the place and have them replace it with a new one. One hint never leave a place without checking your order!!!
    But don't blow a gasket about it or mayonnaise!!! There are worse things you will encounter when you get older snowflake!
    Since you'r a snowflake, don't have a meltdown!😎

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