Stomping fetish

I have always been a lover of women's feet and women using them. I love watching a woman stomp on something, and especially love it when they stomp on my fingers. I've had my fingers stomped hundreds of times both knowing and unknowing by the stompers. So if any women on this site would like to try me out, I'm in East Texas . Shoot me a replly!

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  • What city??

  • Galveston. Near the bay, I’ll be at the Starbucks today.

  • He wants a real woman! Not a panty wearing sissy faggot!

  • I am a real woman man, and men pay me to abuse them. My clients are rich powerful men in Texas, that you would know of. They have a public persona of power, yet behind doors they love to be abused. In places thst won’t show up on TV. I kick and hit them, use whips, cigarette burns, small cuts . So shut the fuck up. You know nothing...I’d tie you up and then piss on you then put you in a dark closet.

  • Bull shit you are not a real woman. You are a guy, male ,chick with a dick, ladyboy or shemale! And you wouldn't do shit to me. It's hard to do anything when you are laying on the ground unconscious.

  • You are just the kind of client I have. All macho and tough yet love to be abused and tortured by a woman. I’ll tie you up, lay you face down and use the long heel of my stiletto shoes on your ass. You will moan and accept.

  • Now I know you are a crazy man! First bitches kneel to me! If not they will wish they did the first time. And that will be their last time. Do you know what I say to a bitch that has two black eye's?

    Nothing I ain't told her twice already.

  • Is that you foot sniffer?

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