Naughty Secretary Olga

Many years ago I employed a new secretary to cover maternity leave for 6 months. I was married with 2 young children but as I wasn’t getting much sex at home my dick took over and I ended up hiring a pretty blonde slim European girl named Olga.

Olga wore a very short black skirt for both our interviews, along with high heels, black for the first interview and Red for the second. I remember it so well.

I masturbated over Olga every day between interviews imaging fucking her up her tight little ass, bent over my desk as she took notes or called her boyfriend to tell him she had to work late!

The other candidates were much better qualified but Olga’s tight little ass, slutty dress sense and teasing attitude got her the job.

Olga was pretty shit at the job and cost me lots of time and money from day one. I think she knew she’d fucked up lots of times and after one giant fuckup with an important client I told her we needed to have a conversation about her performance. Olga knew what was coming and asked if we could have a meeting later that week after work.

I agreed and once all other employees had left for the day Olga came into my office and sat opposite me looking very nervous. I started my “unfortunately I don’t think this is working out” speech and after a few moments Olga stood up (miniskirt, of course) walked around to my side of the desk, swung my chair around, got on her knees, started undoing my trousers and simply said to me “decide after this”.

About 2 minutes later I was ejaculating hard down Olga’s slutty little throat!

Olga gave me the best blowjob of my life. Perfect use of mouth and hand, lots of deepthroat and gagging, put my hand on the back of her head so I could push my cock down her throat and even stopped halfway through to say “don’t tell my boyfriend!” which turned me on even more.

After Olga had gulped down my cum she left without saying anything. The next day she came back to work like nothing had happened.

Over the next 4 months Olga sucked me off in my office most mornings. I came to work every morning rock hard knowing very shortly Olga’s lips were going to be bobbing up and down hungrily on my erection.

When I had to go away for a meetings I decided to turn it into a long weekend and invited Olga along. After the meetings (during which my customers couldn’t stop staring at Olga’s skinny little bum and legs) we would go back to the hotel, have drinks, and I would fuck Olga up her tight little ass, Olga wearing her heels, or ejaculate hard inside her - without a condom.

During Olga’s last week I secretly recorded her giving me head in the office and fucking her hard up her ass in a hotel.

I’ve never seen Olga since, she’s married now with children living in London with her husband, but i still regularly masturbate over the videos of Olga.

If you ever read this Olga, thanks for the daily morning blowjobs, and (private joke) do you still have a “hungry little bum hole”???!

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