I’m 64, male, married, kids, etc, I love to shave my balls and my dick and all the hair around it, then jerk off, my wife loves to watch me do it. A woman I work with has seen it too, years ago we did a show me yours and I’ll show you mine thing, very very hot, we still show eachother.

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  • I'm 69 and also shave my dick and balls. In fact I share all my front except for my legs. My wife doesn't care and I like it that way.

  • I’m the 64 year old,, ever been with a guy?

  • 64 and you still work. Not retired.
    I don't think so.

  • You think people retire at 60 or something?? You must be rich lol

  • I own the company, id be bored shitless if I didn’t work, but I take 16 weeks off a year, so fuck you

  • Don't react to the dickheads

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