I want my mother in law

My mother in law Robin is a beautiful woman, we played around in the past... 14 or so years ago and before that when I was just dating my wife. her and her ex (my father in law) were swingers at the time. one time after me and my wife got married she was at our house and I took her for a ride on my 4wheeler, we got way out in the woods and she made me stop. she played around showing me her tits and even let me take pictures, she wound up giving me a blowjob but that's as far as we ever got. after me and the wife had kids we didn't mess around as much maybe a little on the phone then it faded away. fast forward to present 14 years after our last encounter, for some reason I had a amazing lifelike sexy dream about her last week where we went all the way.... when I woke up my mind was blown! it was like a light switch turned on and I know now I simply must rekindle our forbidden fire! I want to f-ck her in every position known and eat her like vanilla ice cream! Robin if you see this I hope you know amazing you are, I want.... no, I need you so bad!

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  • Hope you get to fuck her

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