It was a while coming

Connie hadn't yet told Nick that she had already filed divorce papers. Until her husband get's back from his business trip, and then some, he wouldn't know either. All she know for sure was that she loved her son more than she ever loved her husband, more than anything in the world!

Looking up into her son's eyes, she knew she had made the right decision. Nick looked down into his mother's eyes returning her deep stare, the look of love shown in her eyes. He shifted his hips in line with hers and his hard dick fell into her bush. He pulled back slightly, positioning his cock at her entrance where he felt warm wetness on his cock head. Without speaking and without breaking his stare, he entered her, slowly and purposefully. There was no resistance. Connie's slippery-wet pussy lips parted for her son, then stretched wide to accept his girth.

Connie grabbed her son's torso and pulled him close. She gripped him as if hanging on for dear life. She wanted him deep within her immediately, but had to slow this urge in order to adjust to Nick's expansive penis.

", Nick. Come to Mommy, Nicky." She moaned in a deeper, sexier voice than Nick was accustomed to. Connie was delirious with pleasure as her vaginal walls spread wide as her son's cock entered her for the first time...

"Oh, Mom...this is amazing! I've never felt anything like this before," he whispered. Nick had filled his mom with his cock and was now simply letting it reside within her womb as he resumed kissing her.

Connie broke off and held her son's face in her hands, looking deep into his eyes and said, "I love you."

Nick pressed his cock deeper into his mom's pussy and began slowly drawing the obscenely thick member in and out of her. His pace was slow, but building speed and increasing force with every few repetitions.

"I love you, Mom," he replied, his breath quickening.

The bed began squeaking. Within about ten minutes he was fucking her hard, fast, and deep. Nick's parents' king-sized beds headboard was slamming into the wall of their bedroom in a rhythm. The noise could be heard from outside the home, were anyone there could hear it.

Nick slammed into his mother as if his life depended on fucking her. His heavy balls made a slapping sound each time he filled her with his dick.

Connie thrust her hips upward to meet her son as he fucked her. Her clit swollen and sensitive, it rubbed against the base of his shaft until she exploded without warning.

"Nick! Oh god! Oh god! Oh god! Nicky!" She shrieked. Her eyes rolled back in her head as she threw her head back.

Her orgasm sent electrical jolts throughout her body. She clamped her pussy onto his glorious cock and grabbed his body with both her arms and legs trying desperately to keep the orgasm alive and pulsing through her wanton body for as long as humanly possible. After only a few more thrusts, Nick was exploding, pumping his mother full of his semen. His moans were as loud as his voice had ever sounded in his home. His head pulled back and a sound like an animal was released.

Nick had fucked his mom not just hard, but harder than she had ever been fucked before. Sweat pouring off of his face and onto his mother's neck. He collapsed in a heap on top of Connie, breathing heavily, but keeping his cock inside as it continued throbbing.


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  • Notice how all the incest [fantasies] start off with a divorce or death... It's so cliche. Totally ruining this site for true confessions.

  • They don't all start with divorce or death. Brothers and sisters don't start with divorce or death. You need to read before you complain.

  • "Connie hadn't yet told Nick that she had already filed divorce papers. Until her husband get's back from his business trip"
    The very first sentence you stupid fuck. Maybe you should learn to read dumb ass. "filed divorce papers." in the very first sentence incase you missed it again stupid fuck.
    So, "Notice how all the incest [fantasies] start off with a divorce or death... It's so cliche. Totally ruining this site for true confessions." Fits perfectly ass hole.

  • Oh And this one is a mother and son dumb ass. Not brother and sister.

  • That is so true!

  • People like you are ruining this site. Why don't you do something constructive around here instead of just bitching about everything?

  • With what they allow on this site it should be taken down.

  • If you notice we only bitch at fake incest and pedophilia stories! If you don't want to see us bitch well then thats easy! STOP WRITING FAKE INCEST AND PEDOPHILIA STORIES. We hope that is clear enough for you. Good day sir!

  • Stop looking for them and you won't get so upset. You're going to have a heart attack.

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