How to tell him about my fetish?

I've always had this weird fetish for pee amd sex in the woods.
And it embaresses me, but I also kind of want my boyfriend to pleasure me in those ways.
We've been together for a year now and just had pretty regular sex.
And this just turns me on so much and I really want to tell him about it. I tried this before but never found the courage to actually say it. We spoke about fetishes in general and I dont think he has any, but I do and am embarresed to tell him.

What's the best way to say this to him?

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  • The best way is to tell him. My girlfriend asked me what she thought of us having sex in the woods. At first I was shocked that maybe someone might see us, but really that's the whole excitement of it. We do a lot of hiking now where we will go off the trail and have sex, then resume on our way.

  • Make him drink a lot, then go to the woods.
    when he needs to go and wants to find a tree, walk along.
    tell him you'd like to hold his dick when he pees.
    if he is okay with that, you can start doing more

  • You could piss on me anytime you want

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