Death to All Rednecks

This is a message to all of you white trash proud boys; you want to storm the Capital because your Fat Orange King is a sore loser and refuses to accept defeat and you want to cause terrorism? Well guess what we ANTIFA are going to fight back and we're going to bring the fight to all of you.

Operation exterminate all rednecks will begin before Joe Biden is inaugurated and we plan on eliminating all rednecks before they cause any more damage.

You inbred fucks want a war; you are getting one, except this time, The South will be destroyed for good.



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  • Antifa are complete cowards and only attack innocent people and their livelihoods. They are supposedly against fascism, but use fascist and NAZI'S tactics on the middle class shops and business owners. I believe that if people are looting and destroying my business, I should have the right to shoot to kill. That would put an immediate end to that kind of stuff. A war? Really? Who you got? A couple thousand white privileged brainwashed dope smoking basement dwellers, good luck. Come on over and bring all your friends. If I had my way you all would be living in communist China.

  • The nations Capital will never be so unprotected again! One by one they are being rounded up. Almost no one wore a mask, some dressed like idiots, and were easy to find. Like the dude with a horned cap on his head, what a stooge. Hard to locate him, not. This time there will be National Guard. If whitey storms a second time, there will be fewer whiteys to arrest.

  • Whitey? How about all the blackies that took to Burning, Looting, and Murdering? Got an answer for that, race baiter?

  • Same thing for all of the niggers that burned and looted in Portland, Minneapolis, Chicago, and St. Louis.
    The dumbfucks burn down their cities then expect white to pay for building it back up.

  • Whitey is ALWAYS paying for the savage niggers!!

  • Piss off you queer jerk

  • LOL!!!! ANTIFA is a bunch of soy-besotted losers living in their parents basement incapable of living in society.
    Now, what proof do you have that all of the rioters were Trump supporters? None.
    Just as anarchists infiltrated the BLM & ANTIFA protests during the Spring/Summer of 2020 so too were they among the protestors at the Capitol. An examination of their tactics and clothing reveal that.

    Bottom line. You go after Trump’s supporters with your spatulas and dildos all you want. Be sure to tell your Mommy what your preference for toe tag color is.

  • Yeah, bring it on you little sissy boy. Many Trump supporters are seasoned combat veterans who have sworn an oath to defend the Constitution of this great nation, against all threats, foreign and domestic, and know President Trump to be a strong supporter of our great nations military and Constitution. We will do what is necessary when the time comes, and that time is very nigh.

  • Wow Americans killing Americans because of one guys tantrum! Trump is being impeached which will strip him off all entitlements including Secret Service Protection. And what if the Iranians come after he leaves office anyone thought of that? Public hanging of Trump in their country.

  • Give your head a shake, never will happen. No evidence to convict, all complete BS like everything else the left has tried. They are completely afraid of Trump that's very obvious.

  • Dream on, Pelosi Girl.

  • Fucking idiot. I can't believe how stupid some people are. Ok, first of all TROLL. You probably have no idea what the hell is really going on. You're just spewing shit from your mouth in an attempt to get a response.
    Second, Trump has NEVER used the secret service for protection. Why do you think he's still alive after pissing off both parties.

  • Prove he's NEVER used the secret service then mr know it all

  • The fact that he has had personal security since long before he ever became POTUS. You're not to smart are you.

  • So they don't did you say:

    "According to the Washington Post the president’s daughter and her top White House adviser spouse have apparently exiled the squad of men and women assigned to keep them from harm’s way from using the toilets in their sprawling Washington DC mansion."

    Palm to your face!

  • The Washington ComPost. Of course they never list sources.

  • It's absolutely hilarious y'all think this poster is real. This dude is fucking with you and you MAGA morons think your chest because you think it's manly. Just goes to show how deluded y'all are

  • Keep flailing, FAGAt. Try as you might, you can’t keep your mental illness under the radar. Go hang with the mental misfits in Hollyweird.

  • What makes you think the people commenting aren't trolls?

  • Because I only believe what MSNBC tells me to.

  • Racist arsehole, what a prick you are, go and get your one halfwit seven year old friend and reek havoc you dickhead.

  • You do realize that 97 % of all firearms are owned by people who live outside the big crime infested cities. And they will use them.

  • You come on down to the south. We get up around 3AM .get dressed. Walk into the woods and sit in a tree stand for hours just to kill something. It will be fun to shoot you dumb fucks from the porch

  • AnTIFA = those weird, unpoplular kids in school that wore all black, wasn't well liked, to fat or skinny to play sports, weren't involved in anytjing - only now all grown up. Do you honestly think anybody is afraid of ANTIFA? LoL. They're pussies - all of them. Bring that shit down south and see what happens. Just say your goodbyes before you leave home.

  • You soy infused far-left, racist, bigoted terrorists can't do anything but throw frozen water bottles at police and murder innocent people in the streets while you burn everything you're jealous of because you're too stupid and pathetic to work for anything of your own.

    You can't even begin to imaging what you're actually up against.

    The people you think you can eliminate are armed to the teeth. What do you have? Tight black skinny jeans? A few guns you just bought last month and don't even know how to use? Purple hair dye?

    LOL, good luck with that. We'll make sure your shallow graves are unmarked just like you deserve.

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