Tight Wife

I am glad that my wife fucked two guys before me as I work to get my dick inside her tight cunt. I want her to fuck someone with a bigger dick so that mine would fit into her easier. I have invited a black guy who I met at the gym and have seen in the showers to come over to watch the football games on Sunday. Hopefully my wife will want him to fuck her after a few glasses of wine. I want my wife to be stretched wide open by his large dick and then I hope my dick will just slip right into her.

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  • My first wife was tight as hell and a real pleasure to fuck. She had the ability to milk my cock whenever we had sex due to her tight pussy.

  • I sort of get that. Puss is like memory foam. Amazing memory foam. I have a big fat dick and most girls were too tight. I actually found sex with older women bigger and better. When I dated my wife she was just right. But 3 years later she was too tight. WTF happened? During pillow talk I'd always bragged about my big dick., 'I'm your biggest right?... 'not even close, I had 2 BF bigger, one was way bigger -- like a porn star, so shut up about your not so big dick ... i love it but it's not that big'
    OUCH! Anyway if she goes with a big guy her pussy will shirk again after a while. BTW I bought her the biggest dildo, maybe she'd work the tip in. 69 ing one time she cuming like crazy and slip the dildo in a little, then a little more, soon the whole thing was up her, she going crazy. the thing is like a beer bottle up her. The memory foam part, her pussy remembered the porn star BF.

  • How did it go? Would love to see some pics if she fucked him! I love a naughty wife!

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