I was in love with my college roommate.

I was 21 he was 18. We were instant friends. He was good looking and there was something very sexual about him. When we met he had already been with 5 girls, not counting the other girls, at least as many, that he had yet to cross the line with. They were ready and eager. He got to pick, like a beautiful girl.

A month or so in (We were roommate for almost 4 semesters) I started to feel Wierd,I started to be jealous of his girlfriends, the real one and the temporary ones. I (guess) like a beautiful girl He decided how important relationships were. It gave him a very interesting opinion of faithfulness.

He went through extreme depression because his highschool girlfriend,The Girl, started the pill and was fuckind several frat guys. While Bob and I were stuck at an engineering school with an M:F ratio of 20:1.

I stopped feeling WIERD for a while because this was serious. He had a lot of suicidal ideation, and since I was the one he spent 12 hrs/day with, we talked. A lot. That's when I learned his sex background and what little their was to learn about me.

I learned that he had been with the current gf for 1 1/2 years and that she had been fucking since she was 14, and not with Bob. I learned all about the contraceptive combination they used, how important it was to keep 'the little man in the boat' happy. And what spermacide tasted like.
Bob was now over being suicidal but now he was pissed, which was really hard for him with his personality. I was feeling WIERD, again and had started reading his mail. He had been trying to get gf on the pill for months but she always had a excuse.

But when they started different colleges she started frat guys and the pill. He didn't do anything at first,it's what he would have done. Then it really started to hurt him.
I was feeling very strange about him. It was years later that I knew I was in love with him.

One Fri we were both out late. I was hitting the bars with 6 or so guys that were old enough and Bob had a date with one of his second string girls. I think she knew he was on the reboud.

The next day I had the room to myself. After 3 or 4 beers I was beyond WIERD, I was horney. After the beer I forgot how Bob fit into this. I started going through his dirty laundry. I was going to put on the clothes hewore on Fri date and learn his secret.

Undershirt, shit,socks,pants, belt. Found everything but underwear. I reached deeper and found underwear beneath a towel. Already decided I was going to wear his clothes in the room. As I started to pull on his underpants I noticed they were 'crunchy' and that unmistakable smell of cum. His date went a lot better than what he told me that morning I never thought till now what happened: he got blown or jerked off and used shorts to clean up, they dry humped or they were making out and he came in his pants. (That happened to me once slow dancing.)

I didn't think about that at the time. I was just pretending I was him and we had just one more good date. I definetly had a hard on which I had to get down before I finished putting his pants on. I didn't think he'd notice someone messed with his laundry, but l was sure he'd notice a big rip in his shorts.

I started out just wanting to wear his clothes and 'be him' for just a few minutes. Then I lay on his bed. As the bed and his clothes warmed up there was an overwhelming smell of him, his gf that he barebacked This and whoever he was with Friday and his cum smelled so good and was both wet and sticky and dry and scratchy at the sametime.

I told myself for years that I was not planning on cumming in my best friends clothes, but I had to have known what was going to happen when I smelled his shorts and licked the dried cum.

When my hard on went down, I poined my cock South. I had already decided and didn't want to cum all over his bed, and I didn't think I could cum in that position.

As soon as all the smells feelings and emotions kicked in I was rock hard. I didn't have to worry about ripping his shorts, my duick was way down his jeans leg by then.

I wish there was more to tell, but I just dry humped his bed a few times and one of the biggest loads of my life into his Levis. I wanted to lay there a minute and enjoy it, but I was already leaking onto his bed spread.

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