Most men would never admit this

I like licking pussy better than getting a blowjob. I enjoy pleasuring a woman and making her react to my every touch.

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  • Gave my partner 15 oral orgasms one night. Love it. Love her pussy nectar

  • I love when they taste like they haven't showered

  • I have done the same with women, I offer total oral just for them with nothing needed from them. I have with a few women never even taken off my clothes, just worship their bodies, give them a few orgasms and leave.

  • Eh, I love the blow jobs my wife gives me, it's like a spiritual thing. But... I do agree, I loveeeeee eating her pussy. The taste, scent, feeling, the pleasure she gets and whem I make her wait to come. Eating her pussy and ass, highlight of a day for me, a blow job from her is an added bonus.

  • Me too. BJs are great, but I enjoy eating pussy more.

  • Said no man, EVER !

  • Lol

  • You not alone. I love the power of the sexual control with licking and sucking my lover's pussy. I still do like seeing and feeling me going in and out of her soft warm lips.

  • You’re an idiot

  • They are God’s. The fact that they’ll do this for a woman means their woman will do anything for them after they’ve made their woman come. Don’t you get that? Pleasing their woman without the need to have pleasure in return means the woman wants nothing more than to please them. It means they want to give them pleasure more than anything because there’s no pressure to do that. The man is just as lucky as the woman. Who’s the idiot? You.

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