Cab driver and Master

I've been thinking about how exciting it would be if you were my Master and I was your cock slave. It's what you want in your Chinese girlfriend, right? Wouldn't it be fun since we've been friends for so long and never even hinted at anything like this. I know you pretty well by now. I've heard the way you go on with the Chinese girl. I know you would enjoy being my Master and ordering me around. Especially when you order me to suck on your cock and I obey, with pleasure! I know we're friends and all but that's what makes it exciting. But it's because I'm your buddy that will make it even better! Once you figure out who this is I know you will love the idea of ordering me onto my knees so you can grab me by the head and fuck me in the mouth! After never giving a hint, after all these years of acting totally straight around each other I'm finally being honest. I want you to use my mouth and ass. I will call you my Lord and Master. I want you to dominate me with your cock, Pete! Make me suck it. Make me eat your cum. Fuck me in the ass and blow your loads right inside me. I want to be submissive to you. I want you to tell me what to do. I want to be your cock slave! You can do whatever you want to me with your cock. Use it on me. Abuse me with it. Tie up my balls and lead me around by them. Cum all over my face. The Chinese girl is too far away. You can make me suck your cock everyday. When you want to fuck my ass is yours to fuck the same as hers would be. With me however, it will be more exciting because I've been your buddy for years! It will be such a crazy thrill to hear you call yourself my Master and me your cock slave. And I will call you my Lord, my Master. That is, whenever your cock is not in my mouth! I really, seriously want you to make me suck your cock! Don't ask! I know you will love the idea of telling me to suck you off and I obey without question! Because it's me, buddy! I know that you've believed I'm straight for all these years and that's exactly the reason you will love force-feeding me your cock! You will love making me bend over and take it up the ass just because you said so! Or maybe face up, holding me by the ankles. Knowing you, you'll want to look me in the eye at the moment you're blowing your nuts inside me, wouldn't you? I'm doing this because we're friends. I will let you be my Master and I will be your willing cock slave. I will be here to please your cock. Everything else will remain the same. I'll still pay you $10 for the cab ride to work everyday. I'll still buy you a tea everyday. Only now you would have the option of making me suck your cock everyday too! Once it begins I will have no choice. It will be my obligation to suck you off. Because I'm your buddy, and I'm your personal cock slave! Really Pete, I know you will really enjoy making me suck your cock! Because it's me! Until you finally meet your Chinese girlfriend let me be the one to give you a blowjob everyday. Let me be the one that you fuck up the ass! And when you do finally meet her we can both be slaves to your cock! We could do some crazy shit, buddy! It would turn me on if, after you fucked her I could get down and suck all your cum out of her pussy. You could get her a strap-on and make her fuck me with a huge horse cock dildo while you choke me with your cock at the same time. I mean it, Pete. Once you declare that you're my Master I will be a willing slave to your cock and you may do whatever you want to me. It will be fun to use your cock on me and in me! Won't it? I know you will enjoy doing things to me with your cock. Because it's me! So now along with the tea that I get you everyday I could also give you a nice blow job too! I want to do this Pete. I want you to make me your cock slave. Tell me what to do and I'll do it. C1330.

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