My dad

Last night my dad was knocked out on the couch with his dick out, and on the TV there was a porn video of a daughter giving head to her father, so I decided to sit beside him and I started rubbing my clit, his soft dick was jus sitting there, I flicked it, then I moved closer to him and started sucking the tip of his dick, then I got naked, by the time I was sitting on his dick, he had woken up and started to panic bc my mom is like right up stairs but i start bouncing on his dick, he was saying how my pussy feels so much better than my moms. i started cumming on his dick, and i told him to cum inside me, and he pulled me off and he came all over the ground.

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  • Your a very good girl

  • I stayed over a friends house one night, when we came in and went to the tv room her dad was past out watching porn on the big screen, we took some pics and laughed, but somehow I got closer and blew on it, and it moved so I blew some more air on it, and it got hard, I took a selfie licking it and gave it a kiss before walking away

  • I got up to get a glass of water at a friends house and found her Dad on the couch stroking his dick. I just got down in front of him and sucked him off. He came in my mouth, I swallowed him, and went back to bed. My friend was still asleep. She had no idea. I ended up fucking him on a pretty regular basis.

  • Good girl.

  • Would have fucked you both

  • Always use birth control when having sex with family

  • He should've filled you up.

  • True he should have filled her pussy with his cum

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