Daughters underwear

This morning i had to wash a load of clothes and found that my 28 year old daughter had left her clothes in the dryer. i folded them for her and she had a ton of tiny thongs. I was pretty uncomfortable folding her clothes and i could not take my eyes off of her underwear. one pair in particular caught my attention a victorias secret black lace thong that is so fucking sexy that my cock got hard. I really wanted to stroke off into them but i didnt. but i went into my office and locked the door and put on some internet porn and stroked my fucking brains out. I blew a huge load of cock snot all over my Ipad.god damn that was a months worth of cock snot. it has been a long time since i masturbated

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  • Maybe you can get your daughter to model some of her thongs for you

  • Nice!!

  • You finally realised that your daughter is sexy!

  • I have 18 and 15 years old step daughter I'm always sniff and lick there dirty panties and masturbates on them.

  • When me and my bestfriend were in middle school we'd make out with each other wearing his two sisters panties. The perfectly folded panties on the table in the laundry room were too much to resist. He dared me first and I chose the cute ruffled lace panties his tear younger sister wears. He likes the satin brightly colored panties that his two year older sister wears. Both of us got our boycherries busted wearing or should I say showing off both of our chosen panties. We were chatting online with some older gay boys who didn't care we were in sixth grade. The pictures we shared with them of our cute boyish bottoms wrapped in plush lace for me and silky bright satin for him brought us to meet in the movie theaters clised balcony. The small group of sixteen through nineteen year old boys were all over us and in us.

  • Send me some nasty kinky pictures please

  • Like that's going to happen lol

  • Eew gross

  • Find her dirty panties and sniff them while you beat off. You will blow a monster load

  • I love finding my mommy dirty wet stand panty and my sister panty and I love to use mommy dirty kinky nasty sex toys on my self

  • Lol

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