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Im a 15 year old girl and i love it when my male dog licks my pussy. I haven't done it in a while but i really want to do it. Any tips???

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  • Have you fuck your dog yet if not you need to try it you might like i did a great dane big cock

  • Shut the fuck up you sick bald fat old man..

  • When your pussy is wet enough, sit at the edge of your bed or sofa thighs wide-spread and draw him between your thigh so that his cock is nearer to your pussy slit. Adjust your pussy so that his cock touches it - he will do the the rest. Let him fuck you at his own, close you eyes and enjoYYYY....

  • You sick fucks are talking with a man who is a sick fuck himself.

  • Enjoy your pussy , are you ready for boys and girls yet

  • Just one open your legs wide he will do the rest

  • If you both want it get on with it, don't wash down below wear the same dirty knickers when you can, he will not need coaxing, if you enjoy it do it if both of you are getting pleasure take no notice of the religious nuts who criticise

  • Shut the fuck up you sick bald fat old man!

  • Why does a freak like you bother to comment

  • It might be addictive

  • All sexual pleasure is addictive there is no might about it,

  • My husband does not fuck me. I am looking for sex chat. Chat with me now:

  • Cos your ugly as fuck

  • Have you not got the message yet you bloody idiot. No one is going to chat to you

  • A little peanut butter or honey on the crotch, not in the vag. then jusy lay back like on a bed with legs spread. He will enjoy it. just dont go down onto all 4s with your ass in the air, its a good way to get mounted, and that can be uncomfortable.

  • No its not uncomfortable it's awesome!
    Once you can take being knotted until it goes down. I'm a 46 yr old married woman. Deeper and better than any mans dick. Plus they lick and clean up when their done!

  • Tell us more like when was the first time you let your dog mount you and how many times have you done this also does your husband know

  • To make the most in tips would be to charge people to watch you.

  • I would let people watch my dog fuck me for free, tbh. That feeling must be awesome

  • Shut the fuck up you sick bald fat old man.

  • Have him lick your pussy from behind while you are on all fours. This way he will lap at your pussy and your tight asshole, and it’s twice as nice for you.

  • Peanut butter is great for encouraging them to lick. Just put some on your pussy

  • I agree and honey

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