Cheating confused

So I know my wife has cheated on me I have cheated on her also. Here the thing I cheated on her cause she was getting high using meth and I know she has cheated on me when she was on it. She had a very high sex drive would call me at work wanting me to come home and fuck her or when we did have sex she would let me eat her out for awhile till she came play with my cock till she came ride me blow me for a good half hour toss my salad you name even let me give her anal some times . Well now she been sober a couple years her sex drive well let just say there none. I have told her what do I need to get her some meth fuck me like you fucked the guys you been with when you were high. I am at my wits end I tell her I want her that she turns me on but she looks at me with a numb face . Makes a excuses some advice people

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  • My husband does not fuck me. I am looking for sex chat. Chat with me now:

  • Meth is a bad drug. So you cheated on her because she was using meth! Thats a lame excuse to cheat. Go get divorced and forget about it.

  • Its more difficult to explain. I tried to have her stop begged her to stop using ruining the family . Started stealing from me was always liying. She was a stay at home mom. So when I talked to other women that were career oriented spoke well carried them selves like women if course I was attracted to them so one thing led to another often. When I told her if I needed meth to sleep with her it was sarcastic way not like I would go get it. I know its a terrible drug ruins families and relationships. It's like I don't want to give up on her but a part of me wants to

  • Ditch the bitch! You have no idea how far meth attics will go and the lives they will destroy or kill.

  • Your 100 percent right. If can steal from me who knows what she has done to get a hit

  • Get a divorce. Do you want someone to advise you to encourage your wife to do meth, fool?

  • No body perfect fool so we all make mistakes I have she has. Not like I would get her the meth I was telling her sarcastically. Read my statement above to the other person who responded

  • Yes, That is what that druggie wants.

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