Getting caught

Recently been staying at my mom place and am 24 year old guy after staying for few day I thought to my self i cant meet for sex so why not have a wank so I decided to take all my clothes off put on some porn as I was wanking my mom come threw the door she never nock just open the door and right in front of her am naked on my bed like a star with a hard on in her face she smiled laugh and said sorry I was like wth mom nock next time she goes I didn't no u was going to masterbate I said well I was she said lay down Il help u I go wah and felt uncomfy at 1st she said i seen ur dick since the day u was born dont be feeling comfy I go mom I never hand job from my mom before and dont u think it kinda late for the sex education am 24 she said yeah I know let me help u now so I laid on my back staring at the ceiling and my mom putting vaseline on her hand all I can feel my dick going up and the squishy type of sound i let out a little moan she goes no let me hear u saying ur ball look heavy I go they are so she touching them then start wanking me faster am moaning she talking to me telling me how badly she want to see her boy cum after like 5min am telling her mom am about to cum she said yes next thing u know I scream mom loud and busted so far it hit her cheek n chin and all over her hand before she gave me my towel she lick the rest of her hand and went now a days she know I wank when she has sex with random men cuz she can hear the slippery sound of vaseline but she dont say nothing and to me am happy she walk in and saw she at least know her son can masterbate freely without staying quite

People let me know if u did the same girls or guys


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  • While she works on your dick using Vaseline, ask you mother to sit beside you and you put some Vaseline on your hand to massage her pussy. She will love it ...

  • Thats the worst incest story yet. Barf barf barf! You know that you have been living there, not just staying a few days. Give your mom a great Christmas present by moving out.

  • Where's the full stops lol

  • My husband does not fuck me. I am looking for sex chat. Chat with me now:

  • Cos your ugly as fuck

  • Well it beats what my mom did when she caught me, she called our minister to get me to repent and join the AA for sex and porn addictions. I'm not kidding

  • How sad

  • I agree

  • More incest crap? I give up on visiting this site, it's like going to a buffet and hating most of the shit food, but still returning. Forget it.

  • Kinda late for sex education at 24? You do not appear to have any type of education at all.

  • Lol. Never too late to learn new tricks!!

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