From visiting neighbor boy to sweet daughter

I have sat down to confess this multiple times but always stop and put it off. When I was 10 I lived in a small town with my grandparents. My mom and dad divorced and while mom had custody dad left the picture. My grandparents always tried to just let me do what I wanted and decided that over the summers I would be able to walk about 5 blocks to the library alone. I could stay as long as I wanted I just had to be home for dinner. There was a house I always passed and there was a couple that lived there. Probably in their early 30s. Every time I saw them we said hello and I kept going. But one day they were sitting on their porch and after saying hello asked me to stop and talk. They asked me what I was always doing walking and I explained about the library and living with my grandparents. They asked if I missed my mom and dad and I said yes. So they said what if the next time I was going to the library I came to their house and spent some time and they would act like my mom and dad. I said sure I would be doing this all week and as long as I made it home by dinner the grandparents were fine. The next day I was walking and turned into their walk and up to the door I went. I knocked and they opened it. When I walked in they said since we are going to be pretending to be a family they wanted to make sure I would listen to all they wanted and I said yes. So she walked me upstairs and said ok first thing then we want you to be our daughter not our son. I said I didn't understand. She took me in this room which was all decorated for a little girl and she said they have always wanted a little girl. If we were going to be a family I needed to be that little girl when we did this. I asked what I had to do. She said when I come there, the first thing I need to do is to go to my room and change into my other clothes. She had already put out a dress and pink tennis shoes for me. She helped me get out of my boy clothes and then put on the other clothing. She then pulled a girls wig out and put it on my head. She sat me in front of the mirror in the room and said this is the last thing before you become Lauren (She said that will be my name when I am there and we are doing the family thing) She put on a little make up and a bright pink lipstick with glitter. For the next few months I became their daughter Lauren for the days I went to the library and kept that a secret from my grandparents. They were a great family. There was really nothing sexual about it but it did lay the groundwork for what I would become later at age 19.

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  • I think its a sweet confession and you who just judge can just sick it. You must envy this lifestyle yourselves.

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  • What happened at 19? Were you placed in an insane asylum?

  • Sounds like your grandparents should have kept a stricter watch over you.

  • One of the strangest confessions yet

  • It's a crossdressers dream.

  • So you can relate?

  • What the fuck?

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