My intro to sensuality

I was a young teenager at the time we visited my mother's friend, who lived with her husband another town. We were staying a couple nights.  Before dinner, I went into the guest room where I was to stay and the husband followed me in.  I was wearing a snug fitting skirt and he thrust his hand up the skirt. I tensed up and pressed my knees together and pushed my hands very hard against him. He kept saying, "You know you like it. You know you want it."  I pushed and pushed with all my might and he finally gave up and I left the room quickly. I stood close to my mom in the kitchen but didn't say anything. Why do we young girls not say anything? I guess because it's new and sudden and it feels shameful somehow.  Plus my mom had never warned me that some men could do this.  We had dinner and the adults had a very pleasant time. I was sort of a quiet girl and considered shy so no one noticed that I felt a little out of place.  I slept in my bed without incident and the next day my mom, her friend and I had a full fun day of exploring the city without the husband.   I was tired and ready for a good night of sleep. Apparently after I went to bed, my mom and her friend decided to call on another friend nearby since we were leaving in the morning and it was the only time for them to do so. They felt it was okay because the husband was there to watch over the house.  I recall everyone considered him such a nice man.  He was handsome, well dressed, and personable.  That night, I woke up to a feeling of someone being in the room sitting on the bed and at first I thought it was my mom but it was the husband and he began softly stroking my rib cage and tummy on top of the covers.  I pretended to be asleep, hoping he would leave but then he moved his hands higher up on my body, sneaking his hand under the covers and brushing his fingers loosely over the top of my breasts, which were still covered by my nightie. He was ever so barely touching them and I could feel the sensitivity of my nipples responding more and more to his touch.  I had fairly developed breasts for my age.  I would hear the boys whisper about it to each other while we stood in line to go to recess at the Catholic school I attended.  Anyway, since the husband was not stopping,  I stirred awake and asked him what are you doing and in a very caring way he said shhhhhh  just relax and he would only do what felt good to me.  He lay there quietly and did not force himself like the day before.  He even apologized for his earlier behavior and said he didn't realize I was a virgin.  The skirt I had been wearing during the visit, while not super short, was still above my knees, and he said watching me walk around in it with my slender shapely legs exposed had conveyed to him that I was of age physically.    The gentle nipple massage did feel very relaxing and so after a few minutes I pretended to sleep again so that I wouldn't feel like I was participating. At the time I was hoping his moves would go no further, but I remember also that I didn't want him to stop. The increasing sensations were pleasant and unlike anything I had ever felt. They gave me goosebumps deep inside.  It was a suspended bliss.   I had never even masturbated so it was all so new and exciting. After a bit, I started getting a tingle between my legs and I think it made my hips move a little and that, in addition to my nipples being hard,  must have signaled him, that he could proceed without my objection.  He pulled my nightie up over my chest and gently kissed and then sucked one of my nipples. Oh it was just the most wonderful feeling ever and while he did that, he slid one finger down my tummy all the way to where he pressed that finger between my legs and rubbed up and down very gently between the lips of my vagina, keeping it oh so slow and easy, which encouraged the lips to give way and let him in. He pulled out momentarily to put his hand on my knee and pull it to the side so my legs would be open. I still felt very safe because it was dark and I was under the covers so I guess I could imagine myself to be invisible and the whole experience to be somewhat of a dream.  He was in charge, doing everything, and I remained passive, even helpless, under his spell of exploration.  He smelled good and I oddly felt safe.  He was a master at handling me and I was melting under his control quite willingly.  He pressed the tip of his finger up inside my vagina just a little. I was moist and he went inside just far enough to stir me with more anticipation.  He went in and out, over and over, sometimes slower and sometimes faster.  The shallow moves felt ecstatic and radiated up inside me well beyond his actual touch. He whispered to me to just keep relaxing, reaffirming my trust that he was not going to do anything I didn't like and it was true  I absolutely loved it and didn't want it to end.  His soft-spoken but masculine reassurances put me at greater ease.  My chest started getting full of energy and my I felt my breasts heaving, begging for more.  He kept my nipples stimulated and the rest of my body took over, causing my spine to slightly arch involuntarily.  My arm moved to the side a little as if to stabilize myself and my hand bumped into his very large and stiff penis.  Wrap your hand around it, he said.  I shyly did.  Squeeze it, he said. I did. Harder, he said. I did.  I had never seen a hard penis, let alone touched one.  It was so smooth and velvety and I was very intrigued by this new object. He suddenly breathed in very deeply in response to my firm grasp on it and I felt his finger slide upwards out of my vagina till it found my clitoris and circle it in tiny massage moves. Ohhhhh myyyyyy, I shuddered with indescribable pleasure could not contain my moans.  I reflexively lifted my arms up around his neck as a gesture for him to hold me tighter. He flattened his hand and over my genital area, pressing firmly to hold in all my excitement as I writhed beside him in orgasm. He kept holding his hand there till I calmed down. Things became quiet and he stroked my hair back, leaned over me and said he was very happy to have been the one to show me the pleasure that a young woman's body could have with a man.  He covered me up, kissed me on the forehead, and left the room. All these years later, I assume he went to masturbate in privacy to the vision of what he'd just accomplished with me and considered that he probably wanted to be safely out of the room for when the women returned.  I'm very grateful that he did not try to have full on sex with me as that would've been painful and created a mess of evidence. The next morning, he behaved like he always did around my mom and her friend, and me.  My mom drove us home and I kept my experience a secret.  I felt like I had participated in a secret coming of age ritual.  And since I had enjoyed it so much, how could I tell anyone.   I never saw him again.  They lived far enough away that visits were not common to that city and by the time my mom visited again, I was older and did not go.  I imagine that if we had lived close enough for more frequent visits, he would've slowly prepared me for actual intercourse.  I cannot honestly say that I would've stopped him from doing so.  He had everything going for him to cast a spell over a ripe young woman.  Even though I do now fully realize I was taken advantage of, I am conflicted because it was also a very incredible wonderful introduction to sensuality, especially when I compare it to the awkward young lovers I had in the years ahead.


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  • So you say you where molested by some sick fuck! I don't believe you dude. You are some lonely old man pretending to be a girl.

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