Exposed Crossdresser

I've been crossdressing since I was young, starting with my mother's pantyhose. I progressed through the years to full dressing, including shaving my entire body to be more feminine. I'm skinny, and I have some feminine features, so I am somewhat passable. I'm also married, so I can't shave my legs year round. My wife knows I dress, but she doesn't want to see me like that.

On a business trip, I dressed up in a very slutty tight dress, sexy high heels, shiny pantyhose, a black wig, lots of pretty makeup, and pretty painted toenails. My feet looked amazing in my heels! I finally decided to go out in public. I've never been stared at so much. My dress was short, and my legs are long, so I was hard to miss :) Men were checking me out, and I loved the attention!

When I returned to the hotel, I walked through the lobby and noticed a female security guard and the front desk manager spot me. The security guard most likely thought I was a prostitute because my dress was very short. I was able to get in the elevator before she could get in there with me. By the time I got to my room, my keycard didn't work!! :(

I was so scared. This was my first time out in public, and I was about to be excruciatingly humiliated. By the time I admitted to myself that I would have to go to the front desk to get my key fixed, the security guard found me near my room. She looked me up and down and asked me if there was a problem. I told her my key didn't work. She told me I would have to go to the front desk and get it reactivated. She was very polite and understanding.

We rode the elevator down together. I was very shy and humiliated. She definitely felt bad for me. She looked at my shiny legs, and my pretty girly feet with shiny blue nail polish. She told me she liked my shoes :) That felt sooooo good!

When I got to the front desk, the man behind the counter was a total alpha male. I have never been more humiliated. He made me spell my entire name 3 times in front of other customers. And then after reactivating my card, I started walking away, and he yelled out my full name just to confirm. I don't think he was happy that I had walked into his hotel looking like a prostitute, and he wanted to embarrass me as much as possible. It worked.

But, soon after, I think I realized that might have been the most arousing moment I've ever had. The complete humiliation of that night is something that never ceases to excite me now!!! I stayed up until 5 in the morning admiring myself and taking plenty of pictures!!!! :)


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  • Your wife know you are a sissy but stayed with you?

  • Yes, so far. I'm very lucky.

  • I need to know more about how you pulled this off. My wife would flip her shit and throw me out lol

  • Yeah, I'm sure most women would act that way, unfortunately. It's hard to say how I pulled it off. I do my best to not do it too often in front of her, and I make sure I understand her limits 100%, and never cross them.

  • Things with my first wife were similar. She knew that I crossdressed and basically saw it as my weird hobby. I could shave my legs and wear pantyhose around her, but she just found it odd and did her best to tolerate it.

  • Same here - I can shave my legs and wear pantyhose around her. She also let's me keep my toenails painted, which is a huge bonus. Love when she sees my smooth girly legs and pretty painted toenails. It's humiliating and erotic at the same time. My legs are actually skinnier than hers - which makes them look so feminine. I've wondered if she's bothered that maybe my legs look more girly than hers.

    She has limits though. No makeup, no high heels, no wigs, no dresses. She knows about my collection since I keep all of it in plain sight. But she NEVER wants to see me fully dressed. She rarely has sex with me while I'm in pantyhose. When she does have sex with me like that, it's amazing. I'm done in about 2 minutes :) Usually though, she'll just watch me finish myself, and talk about what a sissy I am, and that she should be out with another real man since I'm not a real man.

    With her permission, I've let her catch me in the act several times. I've surprised her a couple times, and it's an amazing feeling when she walks in on me - my smooth legs in shiny white thigh highs, my body fully shaved, and my toenails painted bright red. The exact opposite of a real man... but she stays with me, and watches. It's humiliating and erotic at the same time...

    I'm super lucky. But of course, you always want more... my dream is to be fully dressed while watching a real man making her cum, knowing that she'd always come back to me. I doubt she'd ever do that, but it would be amazing if she did!

    Anyone else here have an accepting woman like my wife?

  • My wife is also pretty accepting. Allows me to wear panties and hose. She has even bought us matching panties to wear together. Would love to get her into a mmf while i wear panties and sexy outfits.

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