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I live in a mostly black area. There I met Kiesha an ebony clerk at the work place. We got involved in a relationship and moved in with each other. She introduced me to her mother and her mother jokingly said, "I hope he's a BWC!" Kiesha laughed and said, "That's why we live with each other." I got Kiesha pregnant and her mother wasn't too happy.
Kiesha tits filled with milk and her areolas grew big. "You can pretend now that you're being pleased by my disappointed mom." Kiesha told me. Kiesha started to role play as her mother. "So, BWC please me! I know you want a large breasted big belly ebony like me.' Kiesha would snapped at me as she pulled back her pussy lips and I would rub it with my white cock. "Do black and you will keep coming back!" as I put it in her. "It's nice yo have vanilla now and then." As I fill her with my cream pie.
Kiesha knew our role play was going to end. "Babe! I want you to be glad that you met me. I convinced mom to sexually involved herself with us. She's waiting for us to show up."
Kiesha led me into her mom's bedroom where she exposed my privates to her mom and Kiesha told her mom to suck the baby maker. As her nude mom was giving me head, Kiesha held her swollen breasts for me to suck on. "I want to make mom happy, Fuck Her!" as her mother spread for me on the bed. "Give me that BWC that my baby likes so much!" her mother said as she held her big slit open for me. It went easily into Kiesha's mom, as I pounded her she talked nasty and Keisha started to talk dirty.
Her mother decided to stay with us for awhile until the baby was born to help raise it and get the use of BWC with Kiesha.

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