I posed nude in a park

I was at this parking area under a tree waxing my car . This park is never used , there are no facilities there . No playground ,no nothing, just a tree filled field actually with a parking area . Anyway , It was hot as hell that day ,I went to car wash then head there to wax my car . I took off my shirt and was only wearing my shorts and my air jordans .My buddy was there with me walking around taking pictures of stuff . He came back to where i was and said let me get some of you . So he took a few pictures of my car , me waxing the car . A shot of the car under the tree . He said Stephen ,will you pose a few me ? I said i guess , So i stood there holding the buff pad , and he said your shorts are kind of high , and pulled them down a little , no big deal . Then a pic or two more . I reaching car for my wipes ,cleaned my hands off and grabbed my shorts and said i have to change in the woods before i get back in car . I walked into the woods about 6 feet and noticed he followed and he says ill keep a look out . I kicked off my sneakers and slid down my shorts and was now naked . I realized i had a clean towel in car but didnt bring it over so he went and got it . So there i am ,standing there naked as he walked up and he said ,here , let me wipe off your back and without a second to waste , he started wiping off my back . It felt kind of nice , and gay . But I knew him since grade school so i didnt care . He said jokingly , youd make a great nude model . I laughed and said yeah ,ok . He said model for me Steph.
I said like what ? He had me stand upright and shot a pic . I cant believe i let him have nude picture of me, and it was ok for some reason. He said now one facing the car like you are waxing it in the nude . That meant id be in the parking area naked .. exciting,and scary . So i did it . I stood naked at the car and he took a picture of my naked behind while at the car. He said turn around and He snapped another picture . He said would mind if i took a close up ? I said no ,whatever . He got on one knee and took a close up of my package and i started to get hard . He took more and now im horny as hell .Out in public ,naked with a hardon . I wanted to jerkoff so bad but didnt . And sadly ,thats all that happened . I continue to go to this area , I actually park and head into the woods and get nude , and j//o and think of that day . Ill even leave my clothes in the woods and walk the parking lot naked while my rod is bouncing around .

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  • That's so hot. I love the erotic vulnerability of being naked and exposed someplace where I might get caught.

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