What gender i am?

I don't remember that I have ever had erection while engaged in sex, A finger long limp cook. I have anatomy of a woman-soft skin-boobs etc. closeted and I cross dress. The woman rubs against me to get her pleasure. out of love I asked the woman if she would like to leave me and seek a better sexual partner male or a female. she is fighting even the thought of it. I am not sexually active because I am afraid of STI and STD. I am wondering if I can do something to enjoy my life. my mind is busy all the time with sex thoughts. who am I?

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  • You are a little confused. My advice is regardless of how you are equipped be yourself, be and do what you want to be, what you feel like at the time. You will find your place.

  • There are only two genders, male or female, with the exception of hermaphrodites, which have both sets of genitalia, and they are extremely rare. If you believe you are a gender that differs from what you are born with, that is a psychological illness.

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  • You wrote My older sister which is fake so this is fake too.
    There are no chicks with dicks only men with tits.
    Whats hanging between your legs is your gender.

  • I would suggest you seek some therapy to help you piece everything together. Good luck to you.

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