My husband’s Instagram model fantasies!

Two and a half years ago I went through my husband’s phone and found an instagram account he’d set up to follow pretty girls Instagram accounts. My husband is nearly 60 but most of the girls were in their early 20s, with some even 18 or 19. I asked him about it and he admitted that he liked to look at their photos and masturbate.

I was a little surprised but also not as I know he’s always preferred younger women to milfs!

I asked my husband to show me his favourite girls as I touched his cock. He went hard pretty quickly and when he showed me one girl in particular, a British Asian girl called Chelsea, he went verrrry hard! I asked him “you like Chelsea, don’t you?!” and he smiled! So I knelt in front of him and said “let me show you how Chelsea sucks her boyfriend’s cock!”

I got on my knees and started performing oral sex on my husband, stopping occasionally as he looked through Chelsea’s photos. “Call me Chelsea!” I said and felt his cock swell so hard. He pushed my head down almost making me gag and said “swallow my cock Chelsea! Gag on my old man cock and I’ll make you a model!”

I was turned on and so played along! “I’m Chelsea! Make me a model old man!”
I felt my husband was about to cum so took his cock deep down my throat. He grunted “oh Chelsea, oh chelce!!!!” as he ejaculated down my throat.

Ever since then I’ve been pretending to be his insta girls! Our favourite game is to watch them on insta stories or i buy identical clothes and wear them as he fucks me.

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  • My wife and I pretend we're different people all the time. Usually friends we know well.
    We have church going hot neighbors, Linda and Bob and party Friends Jim and Judy. I'll make believe she's Linda, and she'll make believe I'm Jim.
    Wife was a FWB first, she would give me blowjobs while I'm having phone sex with my girlfriend Mary Rose. The 3 of us would cum together. Keeper.

  • Sexy very sexy, how far will you go with your husband> maybe its time to consider asking him for a little freedom of your own to play.

  • Your the best wife a man could have

  • My husband does not fuck me. I am looking for sex chat. Chat with me now:

  • Hi I am interested in open sexual conversation with a sexy complete stranger. could be fun.

  • You sound like the perfect wife!

  • Dammn!! I would wanna try this on my newly wed Wife

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