Wild experience

In 2018 I went on a Job related trip to Brazil . The company spared no expense and put me up in a beautiful hotel.. My meetings were from Wednesday to Friday and free time from Friday night to Monday morning when I was scheduled to return to Miami..

I am over 6 feet and in great shape since I love sports. I noticed that in the area where I was staying there were many beautiful ladies.. Even the hookers were young and beautiful..

The meetings went well and sighed a super deal for our company knowing that the my company, they were ecstatic when I told them the news.

That Wednesday night I ventured off to a club not far from the hotel figuring I would make it an early night and do some sight seeing in the morning. The club was ultra modern something you would expect in New York City. There was a large dance floor which was packed with beautiful women in tight pants and tiny sexy skirts. I was sitting at the bar and could not help but notice that two seats next to be was a gorgeous looking woman.. I was wondering why she was alone although I noticed her not bother by the advances of younger guys..

She herself was in her late twenties big boobs and a very tight dress showing off her long legs. I approached her and offered her a drink and started into a conversation.. She quickly asked me if I was American to which I said yes and explained the reason for my visit to Brazil..

After a night of Dancing drinking and caressing I gave up on the idea of sight seeing the next morning and invited her to my room which she said yes.. I could not believe my luck.. Once in my room, we started being passionate she was really a hot sexy lady and I was nude in no time.. And she had me on the bed with my cock in her mouth.. As I tried to undress her she excused herself and went into the bathroom saying she was a bit sweaty and was going to cool down leaving me with massive boner on the bed . A few minutes later she came out of the bathroom warped up in a towel with her high heals instantly after looking at that goddess my cock became hard.

She stood before me and let her towel drop to the ground.. I was stunned with what I saw there was this Goddess with huge tits slim perfect body ., she had a 9 inch cock between her legs.. I totally freaked out, but she dropped on her knees and took me in her mouth at that point I did not care about her cock it was to good to tell her to stop.. After almost blowing my load a few times she stretched on the bed and exposed her love hole.. It was as white as silk well shaven no sight of any ass hair . I was so horny that I did not care I dived on it and began to eat his asshole he moaned and groaned and that was more than I could take without thinking of protection I jammed my hard cock into him.. The pounding went on for a long time and when came to orgasm it was the best I had ever had..better than any with a woman...

We kissed endlessly and our tongues locked together i passion.. It was not long that i was ready again.. He told me that I would com again better than the first time..and I laughed.. He turned me over and started to eat my hairy asshole I suddenly felt something cold on my ass, I realized it was lube I wanted to say no but I said to myself what the fuck who is ever going to know, and besides it felt to dam good..

Slowly with patience he worked my asshole until he got that 9 inch monster inside.. he worked me long and hard pushing it all the way in then I could feel him working my prostate.. It was unbearable, I started to moan and groan from the pleasure , I had never experienced such a great feeling ..I was about to cum I could feel it climb to the summit and finally explode.. but OMG it would not stop he kept pumping and I kept cumming over and over two or three times.. Then he let out a groan and I could feel his cum filling me up in gushes as his manhood throbbed inside of me..like a live volcano..

We spend all weekend together and had sex over and over.. I have never experienced sex like with him before .. She was beautiful..so it came easy to kiss her and eat her face.. She had a beautiful set of Knockers that were amazing to suck on .. She had a huge cock that freaked me out and I enjoyed sucking although I had never done that before..and I loved it I loved even his cum down my throat like I do to my wife... I loved his cock in my tight virgin ass.. and I loved being inside of him feeding him my hot seed..

Sex has not been the same since and I am really hoping to travel again...


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