My friends

The very first time I had a sick in my mouth for just a few seconds was at the WR pool. A friend and I took turns going under water and putting our mouths on each other’s ducks. Then when I was in the 5th grade another friend same age were playing in the back yard inside a tent. We were playing having fun and then David R stopped and looked at me. I looked at his eyes and he looked into my eyes glued onto each other’s eyes. Then for some unknown reason we locked lips together kissing each very passionate. Then we took off our clothes not even thinking someone could of caught us. we rubbed cocks together taking turns being on top. We licked each other’s buttholes and actually sucked on each other’s ducks for several minutes. It was an amazing feeling having my sick in his mouth and his sick in my mouth. We tried sticking our ducks into each other’s butthole. After what seemed like hours we got dressed and we never did anything what we had done. Another friend named David E we were playing downstairs when David laid down on the floor and I knelt beside him looking down on him. David was a cute boy. I reached down at his zipper and unzipped his pants. David just looked at not saying a word. So I pulled his pants down and I started rubbing his sick through his underwear. I could see he was getting a hard on like me. I pulled his underwear down Exposing his smooth cock and balls. I was about to take his cock into my mouth but before I could my older sister starting coming down the stairs. David hurriedly pulled up his underwear and pants. Again nothing happened between us again. I was now in six grade and I was wanting to try and suck my own cock. Every night in the bathroom I would try sucking my dick. It took about 7 months before I was able to get the head of my sick in my mouth. I practice every night in the bathroom and when my brother were not in the bedroom I would try sucking my dick. We moved back to where my dad’s mom and dad lived. We were living with them for a little while until my dad could find a house for all of us. This is where my older Cousin Mike Molested me in the basement bedroom. I have never told anyone about him sexual molesting me. After a few weeks of him rubbing his dick against my little dick he quit. When I was in the bathroom I would still try and get more of my dick in my mouth. I was able to get the head and about couple of inches in my mouth. I am now entering 7th grade and being new to the school I was in a classroom with two other students. The boy’s name was Doug M and he was really cute. The girl name was Teresa S and she was very pretty and I had an instant crush on them both. I wanted to suck Dougs dick and wanted to do Teresa very badly. When in gym and in the shower room I would look at Doug’s dick and tight ass. All of 7th and 8th grade I would Fantasize about having sex with Doug and Teresa. I am still practicing on sucking my own dick. One day while in the bathroom pulling my legs over my head and back rolled up into a ball I was able to take my cock all the way into my mouth and I was able to suck on my balls. I was even flexible enough to give myself a rim job. I would suck my cock every chance I had. There were times when in the locker room I would suck my cock hoping no one would catch me. I would get my chance in the 9th grade to fulfill my dreams of sucking Doug’s cock. It all started after school at a friend’s house we were playing pool. Roger, Randy, Doug and myself. I made a bet in front of all the boys if Doug beat me in the pool game I would kiss his ass. Well Doug beat me in the pool game. I didn’t kiss his ass at that time even with Roger and Randy saying they wanted to watch me kiss Doug’s ass. I day after school Doug and I went to the recreation center to play. After awhile of playing basketball and other games Doug and I went into this restroom that was being remolded. In there I asked Doug if I could kiss his ass. Doug was indecisive at first then agreed to let me kiss his tight smooth ass. Doug pulled his pants and underwear down around his ankles and I knelt behind him and I kissed him on the ass. As I was still on my knees Doug turned to face me and I noticed that Doug’s co k was hard and pointing straight up against his stomach. It was a very nice size cock. Doug’s cock was probably 7 inches. I asked if I could suck his cock. After a little discussion Doug asked if it would make him gay. I told him it wouldn’t make him gay. Doug then said that I could and I didn’t let a second past before putting my hand around his cock which felt great in my hand. I jacked him off and licked the head then the shaft before taking his hard cock down my throat. I sucked him about 15 minutes before he exploded in my mouth filling my mouth of the sweetest delicious hot cum. I swallowed every drop. The next boy would be Derek. Derek was several years younger than me but one night in his dad’s and mom’s basement I asked if I could kiss his ass. Derek didn’t hesitate he pulled his pants down and let me kiss his smooth ass. I would get to kiss his ass one other time. I did tell Derek that I had sucked a boys cock in my freshman year in high school. The last boy I would eventually get to suck and rim would be a boy who was 12 years younger. I was 27 and he was 15. I was Introduced to him by his parents. We became friends doing all kinds of stuff. We bowled went to the movies and out to eat. One night I told Shawn that I had sucked a boy in high school and used to suck my own cock. Shawn didn’t care. Shawn was 18 when he and I were in my bedroom talking. I asked him if I could kiss him and he said that I could and Shawn said he had kissed other boys before. I asked if I could suck his cock. Shawn was going to let me but I decided not too. A year later Shawn called me to come to his dads house and come downstairs. So I went it was late at night. When I got there Shawn was in bed just in his underwear. I got excited looking at him have naked in bed. I asked if I could get into bed with him and Shawn said I could. I was so excited about being able to get into bed with him as I was taking off my clothes my cock was hard and Shawn was watching every move I made. As I was pulling my underwear down I shot my load of cum into my hand. Shawn laughed and said for me to lick my cum out of my hand so I did. I then got into bed with Shawn kissing him on the lips sucking his nipples and I kissed every inch of his back down to his ass. I kissed and licked every inch of his ass cheeks. I licked sucked and tongued and sucked on his boy hole. It was amazing licking and tonguing his butthole. Then Shawn rolled onto his back and said to lick his balls and suck his cock. I did as he wanted me to do. I licked and sucked his balls and I sucked his cock down my throat. Shawn dick wasn’t as big as Doug’s but it was still a nice cock. I sucked and jacked him off until I could see his cock pulsating and he erupted like a volcano in my mouth filling my mouth full of a delicious treat. I would get married several years later and I told my wife at the time that I had sucked a couple of guys before. She didn’t care. Well some years later we got divorced and I wanted to suck a guys cock again. This time I was 60 years old and he was in his late fifties. Not only did I suck his cock he fucked me in the ass. That was in 2018 and I haven’t done anything since.

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  • Wow, that sounds really cool. Did that actually happen?

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