Beautiful black man

Hi everyone I am a crossdresser from Lakeland FL. And I got all dressed up makeup in a mini skirt pantyhose thongs low cut top and heels went to the tire shop got tires on my car than went to Wal-Mart's to do some shopping and seen this beautiful black mani wave at and keep on shopping and next I know he came up behind me and said hello i said hi we talk and than he just said it I want to fuck you I said u know I am a crossdresser he said ya crossdresser turn me on so we went to the family restroom and we started kiss and he pushed me gently down on my knees and I pulled his pants down and started sucking his cock and grew larger and larger he was 11 inches long and very very thick and very hard to swallow and than he bent me over and started his big hard cock inside me and he push all of his dick in me and fucked me good felt like hours but I think it was 30 or 40 minutes but when he cummed in me I felt it and was so hot he pulled out very slowly and than as his cock came out of me I took it in my mouth and cleaned his cock it was great and yes people knock on the door a few times we tryed to be quite but I know people had to hear me it was great sex I love black men so we cleaned up best we could and open the door and went our serpent ways but I would do it again love to get fucked by black men I think they are very beautiful men I so glad black men are into white crossdresser had so much fun

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