I love when my wife brings her date home and fucks him in our bed while I watch them and masturbate.

9 months ago

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    • I once watched my drunk wife at a party fucking another guy. It was late and most people had left, my wife and her co worked were upstairs in one of the bedrooms fucking , I could hear them from the hall way and i was shocked that she could do this to me. I was also shocked that she loved it so much but i have to admit that her lover had a huge cock and he knew how to use it.
      i watched for about an hour then went downstairs and waited. The drunken host , the wife's other co worker told me not to worry, she has been fucking him for about 7 months and that i should wait my turn like everybody else.

    • My wife and I lived separately for about 8 months several years ago. We had a big fight. We didn't talk for the first three weeks apart. Then we did. When I asked if she was masturbating she said no. I asked if she wasn't horny. She said she was incredibly horny. I asked why she wasn't masturbating then. I thought she'd say something like she was waiting for me. Instead she told me she had been having sex with her ex bf. The last guy she dated before I met her. I asked if she was gonna go back to him. She said no. Never. She just enjoys having sex with him. I asked her how many times the two of them had sex while we were separated. She wouldn't answer at first. After much goading, she told me it was anywhere from 3-5 times a week the entire time we were separated.

    • It's a different lifestyle that's for sure. My wife has been with a lot of guys. I haven't been able to watch every time. But the times that i have watched her fucking someone it's the hottest thing to see . I love seeing a guy stretch her pussy. It's better than watching porn. She knows that it turns me on. I jack off really slow. I try to make it last as long as I can. And the sex after is the best. Nothing like a cum filled pussy.

    • My wife used to do this, bring her her ex boyfriend over and have sex in our bed. It’s because he’s the only one who could give her orgasms by penetrating her, I can’t. He ended up moving away and he’s not been here in a long time but every now and then he calls to let her know he’s in town and she invites him over. She doesn’t let me watch, they go into the bedroom and lock the door but I have peeled through the window and jerked off to them. I like watching her, it’s like live porn. Also like the way she looks when she orgasms. When he leaves she lets me have sex with her or she gives me a hand job, if she’s not too tired.

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