Noooo.. stop that hurts after much complaining and saying no he finally gets in ..... and it was painfull … this was the 5th time we were having sex , after about 20 minutes he was finally all in and i was rubbing my pussy i could feel his balls slamming my ass as he push his cock inside my virgin ass ... when he finally pulled out and sprayed his cum on my back i thought i had taken a big poop... but i continued to rub my pussy till i got off ... with my legs shaking i could hardly hold myself up .. after we were done and i cleaned up i turned to him and said wow that was different ... he says that's the point it shouldn't be boring and smiled ... i put a pair of shorts on before my daughter ( his girlfriend ) gets home from the mall where she worked ...working 3 days a week she usually runs to the bathroom every time she comes home from work ...it all started when i was on a chair trying to replace a light bulb when he walked in ..not realizing that when i raised my arms my night shirt rose above pussy and ass showing a nice shaved pussy witch he complimented me on after that i proved to him that did i not only have a good pussy but also had a talented mouth ... after that i made sure he would show up earlier to pick my daughter up that way he could take care of the pussy but that day when he bent me on the kitchen table he went up my ass after awhile when he got in i found my body meeting every thrust of his cock going deep inside my ass ... now that my daughter has gone to college i find myself being taken in every witch way he can pull out of my pussy and jam it in my ass without losing a beat and vice versa i still can't suck it when he pulls out of my ass i get repulsed by it ....


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  • Good grief honey.... don't do it when my husband goes from ass to pussy i usually get an infection....

  • My husband does not fuck me. I am looking for sex chat. Chat with me now: https://ujeb.se/gprHh

  • I am surprised you won't do ass to mouth, as you have no problem betraying your daughter.

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