Things can happen and sometimes they do...

I have temporarily moved home with my mom. Basically to help with expenses and keeping the place up. My dad had moved out, only to move in with his secretary.

My mom was like a TV mom, not gorgeous, but someone you always thought was attractive. She has a great body by my standards, very similar to Jennifer Aniston's today. Still mostly firm, making her look ten years younger. Often she will nip out Just like Jennifer always did on "Friends."

She works at a small liquor store, while I work in machine shop. Mom is my best friend; always listening to my problems; always offering help. I tried to keep my nose clean so mom wouldn't worry about me. Mostly we keep to ourselves. I normally get home about an hour later than mom, around four thirty or so. Mom and I make dinner together most of the time, then watch T.V. or go our own ways. My mom does not date, even though men ask her out. She is still foxy, even though she's almost forty five.

I got to work and the day started as usual, but we blew a transformer, losing power in most of the plant. The foreman came around telling us to go home. Most of us were more than glad to start the weekend early. I arrived home to an empty house, not the usual greeting by mom I normally got later.

I went upstairs to my bedroom to get a few hours sleep in before my mom got home. I went out like a light. I semi awoke just after three o'clock. I was in a twilight, drifting in and out of sleep. I heard the front door open and close, then the patter of mom's feet coming up the stairs. She went into the bathroom then to her room, not aware I was home. I drifted off to sleep again, but awoke with a start.

"Dan, oh Dan." I could hear my mom moaning my name. Thinking mom may be hurt, I jumped out of bed, and ran to her room. Mom was lying on the bed, her eyes tightly shut, nude, with what looked like about a seven inch dildo being worked deep into her love tunnel with both her hands. I noticed she had a nice bushy pubic triangle. Mom was plunging the rubber dick hard and fast into her. As she pumped the dildo in and out she cried, "Dan, Dan, fuck me hard Dan." My feet were frozen in place, I was unable to move. I watched as she worked it faster and faster, finally as she started to cum. She screamed, "Fuck me Dan, fuck your mother Dan!"

Mom lay there, slowly coming down from her orgasm, still pumping the dildo slowly, and enjoying her afterglow. I was unable to turn my eyes away from her, my nostrils pulling in the perfume of her sex. I was in awe of the sight sprawled before me. Her swollen cunt lips glistening with the flowing of her juices out of her pussy. It nearly made me cum in my pants.

"DAN!" Mom had finally opened her eyes to catch me staring at her. Mom looked both embarrassed and mad at the same time. Knowing she had been caught with no way out, she calmly asked, "Can we talk Dan?" "Sure mom, I'm sorry for what just happened." "Oh honey, you don't have anything to be sorry for anything, you didn't do anything that was wrong." "We lost power at work so I got out early, I came home and fell asleep," I explained. "I awoke and thought you needed help because you were calling my name."

"Dan, I want to explain what you saw. A woman sometimes needs to relieve her urges. Without a man, she needs to use what she can. I called your name because I love you. You're the only man I care about. I have been doing this to myself before you come home from work for sometime now. It's never got in our way or made a problem, till now."

"Mom, I love you too. You know I would do anything for you. "This will be our secret, and I must say I was very turned on watching you," I said with a big grin. Mom gave me a hug and kissed my cheek, then told me to leave her room. At dinner we had some small talk about nothing, not saying anything about our secret. Saturday, mom was back to normal, even better. Mom was humming around the house and even had a little bounce in her walk. She also wore shorts and a tank top, not really a normal look for quite awhile. I noticed mom had taken more time grooming, even wearing makeup. I was happy that the tension I had worried about never happened.

At dinner mom was looking very hard at me. "Is something wrong mom?" "No honey. I was just wondering." "Wondering what, mom?" "Dan, when you were standing there, staring at me, what were you thinking?" "I was thinking how sexy you looked." Mom looked to be in a trance for a minute. "Would you like to watch again Dan?" "I thought you'd never ask," I replied with a smile.

We went up to her bedroom. I sat on a chair while mom undressed taking in the little show she was putting on. Mom stood in front of me nude and did a slow turn, making sure I got an eyeful of her tight body. She eased up on the bed and asked me to hand her the dildo that was on her dresser. Putting a small dab of lube on the tip she slowly inserted it into her slit, I was licking my lips as it went deeper and deeper, slowly twisting and turning.

"Would you like to help me with the dildo Dan?" "I think I have an even better idea mom." Expecting me to fuck her with her toy, I slowly pulled out the dildo. I moved her body fully onto the bed on her back, spreading her legs apart. This position gave me a view of her swollen cunt, wet with her juices. I bent forward lapping every drop of nectar as I probed my tongue as deep as possible, before then coming up to suck on her clit.

Somewhere in my mind I could hear my mother screaming my name, but I was lost in the feast between her legs. Finally I came to my senses with my mom was still moaning from her massive orgasm. "WOW! What got into you?" Not that I'm complaining. That was some idea you had; I never had anything like that done before." my mom said still breathing heavy. "Get used to it mom, that won't be the last time, I promise you."

"It's your turn now Dan," my mom said with a sultry smile. She led me into my room where my sheets were dry, the other bed was soaked. She told me to get naked and lay on my back on the bed. Mom kissed me hard, using her tongue to probe my mouth. She worked her hand slowly down until reaching my throbbing cock. She held it tightly before cupping each of my balls in her hand. Breaking our kiss, she began kissing down my chest and stomach until her lips were at the head of my upward pointing cock. She licked, then suck on my head, then started taking my whole shaft slowly down her throat. My mom was working my meat like it was an ice pop. She teased my cock for a minute before she sucked and pumped it with a fury, bringing me into a heated throat fuck. I could hold back no longer, and shot a long rope of cum into her throat, then another, and another. My mom lapped at the fountain of cum I shot out. She had a hunger too.

We fell asleep for most of the night, except for some moments of heated passion, but we did not fuck. Both of us wanted to regain our strength before making the finial step into incestuous love. The next day we each showered and ate breakfast. At the table over a cup of coffee, mom asked me what I wanted to do today. "I want us to fuck each others brains out." I responded without any hesitation.

We headed to moms room. We put fresh sheets on the bed and stripped off our robes. We were kissing and nibbling each other as we fell upon the bed. I grabbed one of her tits, taking it's nipple into my mouth and thoroughly sucking it. Repeating the same treatment on her other one, making my mom moan in pleasure. I was rock hard and mom was more than a little wet. I got on top and mom spread her legs as I mounted her.

My cock was throbbing and mom was panting as I buried my manhood as deep as possible. Mom thrust her ass up to greet my rod and caress it with her hot vagina. Working my cock back and forth into my mom, I tried to keep from cumming. Wanting to hold out till I could no longer stop the flood of semen. Mom's moaning was music to my ears. I would give a little extra push at the end of a stroke and mom would let out a squeal. I would pull up on my cock, rubbing on her clit hard, and mom would shriek.

As the passion got stronger I could feel that mom was getting close to cumming. I kept thrusting hard and fast, just the way I knew mom liked it. "FUCK ME DAN, fuck me hard, fuck your mother." We both came hard, mom screaming and me grunting. I shot steady streams for what seemed like five minutes. Our fluids mixed together, and with my dick pounding her cunt, a frothy mixture flowed out of her slit and down her ass with each thrust. My balls were soaked from my hammering, making a slapping sound with each pile drive. Finally I was too soft to continue' and rolled to mom's side. Mom was gasping as she tried to kiss me. I was a little out of breath too.

We held each other tightly in orgasmic bliss as our breathing slowly returned to normal. We both knew without even having to say it, that we would be spending our nights together in bed from now on. My cock began to twitch and grow, as it was ready to fuck again. I told my mom to get on all fours facing the foot of the bed. I crept up behind her, finding her wet slit with my cockhead, I thrust it into her wet snatch once again. My mom screamed, "Oh Dan, your cock feels so fucking good honey!!!"

This time as I pounded my mom's pussy from behind, I looked up at her dresser mirror. I watched her tits swinging, and her face grimacing in pain/pleasure as I fucked her. I reached down taking one of my mom's tits in each hand, fondling them as my pelvis smacked against her ass with each deep thrust. "Oh Dan, you're an animal the second time around," my mom announced loudly. "We are animals this time mom, we're going to fuck like rabbits!!!" I shouted,


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  • Good story. Dont know if it is true or partially true but I like it.

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  • You sick fucks spend hours {some days} writing fake stories and posting them. I just do some research and copy and post facts.
    True facts that all your lies and disbelief won't change. But I'm having fun replying to your fake stories, so write some more. And I will post my replies to them.
    Keep this in mind when you write a new post and spend hours writing it! I will wreck it in less then 5 minutes. I will do it faster because I will now do what you sick fucks do all the time! I will repost the same shit over and over again and again.
    If all you sick fucks don't want to see my posts then don't post new one's.
    Go somewhere else.
    We are sick and tired of incest and pedophilia posts! Yes thats right there is more people posting with me, But feel free to blame it all on me.

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    Now you are given real facts on incest and all you do is post that they are not true. They are true and can be fact checked by any one of you dip shits. You tell me to get a life, really. Incest is the only thing on your sick minds. Go get help of blow your brains out either way I don't care.

    I have every right to post my side of incest as you think you do.
    When you post new fake posts I will reply with real stories and real facts. It's late so have a good night now sick fucks.

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  • APPLETON — A Fox Valley mother will spend decades behind bars for sexually assaulting her two young children and making explicit videos.

    The 34-year-old Grand Chute woman was sentenced Monday, Nov. 25 in Outagamie County Circuit Court to 40 years in prison to be followed by 25 years of extended supervision.

    WLUK-TV reports Judge Gregory Gill told the mother her children’s “pain and suffering will go on in perpetuity” and tragically it was caused by the one who was empowered to be their caretaker.

    A criminal complaint says the woman sexually assaulted her 7-year-old son and 6-year-old daughter during the course of several months and posted sexually explicit images and videos online.
    The Associated Press is not naming the woman to protect the identity of the victims.
    My incest stories are true and have better outcomes then your's.

  • That was one hot fucking story!!! Keep on writing cause you've got talent. Ignore the retard below!

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  • Actually, I've wanted that micro cock you have for over a year dad..

  • This is new, but keep giving us something old!

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  • That was one hot fucking story that made me cum!!! Keep on writing cause you've got talent. Ignore the retard below.

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  • You jerked off to that crap and you call me lame! God you are a pathetic loser

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  • Take your fucking sick incest story and shove it up your ass sick fuck.

    236lb incest mother, 32, ‘ordered son, 12, to strip – then raped him in her bed’
    A mother stripped naked, ordered her 12 year-old son to take off his clothes as he came out of the bathroom, then raped him in her bed, police say. Brittany Rouleau, who is 5’8 tall and weighs 236lbs (107kg) allegedly attacked the boy after asking him about masturbation while she was undressing at their home in Wichita Falls, Texas, in 2019. Her son says his mom then raped him, before telling him to ‘go clean himself up’ afterwards. Rouleau, 34, was arrested Saturday. After the alleged sex attack Rouleau’s son went to the couch to sleep, and told his mom what had happened ‘didn’t feel right,’ it is claimed. Rouleau allegedly replied: ‘Well you can get in trouble because you accepted it…don’t tell anyone.’ The youngster later told another adult who cares for him what had happened, with that adult bringing him to police. He was subsequently interviewed at a child advocacy center and repeated the allegations against his mom.
    Rouleau was arrested, and initially denied raping her son – only to later admit the sex crime, the Times Record News reported. The alleged pedophile is also said to have told a neighbor what she had done. Rouleau, who has previous arrests for speeding and filing a false report, has been charged with aggravated sexual assault. She remains in Wichita County Jail in lieu of $100,000 bond ahead of her next court hearing.

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  • It only takes one to find your location dumb ass. I'll be seeing you fagot!

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