I was betrayed and used

I was sexually abused 3 weeks ago by my boyfriend and his friends, it happen on a Monday on the 14th my boyfriend insisted that I should hang out with him at his house, while his friends are there. I told him ill be there and when I got there he rushed me to his room and showed me a very skimpy short dress and a pair of heels I told him what is this who's clothes is that. and he told me I should wear it i told him Im not comfortable in that kind of clothes he then screamed at me and made me change into the dress and heels I then asked him if I can change back since he saw me in what he wanted I told him im not comfortable and I can't walk in heels he said idc just wait a few minutes, and then he made go out to the living room where his friends were they said "damn she's looking good for this" "your bitch looks fine look those fine legs" one of his friends grabbed my legs as I walked by i told him to stop dont touch me and my boyfriend said its fine hes just playing with you, he then made me site down between him and his friend I felt every single eye in that room all over me I felt discouraged to do anything, after a few minutes I made to stand up and spin in a circle to show off my body one of his friends grabbed my ass and one body else grabbed on my waist I felt hopeless and was getting scared to not do what I was told to do they continued to touch me every where, I looked at my boyfriend but he continued to look less of a boyfriend as he smiled at fact of his friends grabbing me. I told them to stop please dont touch me i dont like this they then stop they said "alright lets go take pictures now" they made me go out side to pose infront of there cars for pictures and they made me pull down my dress to expose my body I was then brought back in side where they continued to taunt me into posing and they screamed at me until i masturbated so they could record me, I tried to take off the heels to attempt to run but I was too scared and too shakey to take off the straps my heart was pounding so hard I was scared for my life I couldn't calm down enough to think clearly I was scared I was held down they forced me to keep my legs open as they forcefully had sex with me I didn't attempt to scream nor fight I simply gave up everything 7 guys abused of me I keep remembering my face being forced into a couch and I can still feel somebody's knees on my arms I feel like im still being forced to keep my legs open my mouth and throat feels like they shoved a Broomstick down into it and forced it, I felt the cold dripping wetness down my neck,chest my legs and stomach I feel dirty still

9 months ago

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    • I remember about 20 + years ago a guy I knew was dating this girl that a lot of us guy's had fucked they went to a riverr bank party with 5 other guys drinking got out of hand and she agree to fuck them all the next day her boyfriend broke up with her and she told her dad they all had raped her that is why he broke up with her.
      Then few days later she confessed to her dad that she wanted to fuck them all and her boyfriend agreed she could fuck them if she wanted to then he broke up with her that's why she said they raped her.
      Some of these guy's lives are still ruined now days over that lie an over sexed girl told.

    • If this is true get help call the police.

    • Nah. She's just did what they all do. Complete hoes until it's over then they're always a victim one way or another. Reality is hoes gonna hoe .then claim to be a victimized hoe. ....

    • Oh i m sorry & i think you have to contact to police

    • Please get some help! You were raped:(

    • Please go file a police report. you were raped

    • Sounds like gang rape to me.

    • Oh no i m sorry to hear what was u going realy sory my friend

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