I have the urge to bang my sister, I have been having so much of sexual thoughts about her recently , I even kept lookin at her in a sexual way..whenever she walks, I keep admiring her ass... can someone help me out? I love smelling her panties too and masterbate to it

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  • Yes! Kill yourself and save a prison bed for someone else.

  • You should get a lobotomy and your mental illness may be cured.

  • If u can’t say something encouraging, I suggest u F O

  • You are a sick fuck ass hole. Incest is immoral and illegal dip shit.

  • Did I fuck your sister? Nope!!! Den myob

  • Thats not the point ass hole. You want to fuck your Family and that is fucked up and fucking sick. If you don't like the comments then don't post, shit head.

  • If u don’t like wad is being posted , don’t read or comment.. it’s called confession for a reason dumb MF

  • Ass Hole Ass Hole Ass, well by now you should now the rest fuck head.

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