My manager said "Yes" his Corvette for my Hot Wife

Our Trailer was on a double lot and behind our trailer the previous owner had a mechanic shop lift installed and it was brand new. A small workshop with tons of car parts and lots of tools. I even found a hand drawn map that had a certain area marked. The location was where I found my 1970 Mustang Convertible 428 super cobra Jet. I got the car but it was gutten all the top parts of the engine were gone and the inside was nothing but metal the convertible top was torn and it sat in the weather for at least 3 years. The story goes the guy that owned our trailer spent 5 years rebuilding it and the first day it was 100 percent including custom interior paint rims and tires he took his wife out for a ride they stopped and got an ice cream cone car was parked just an arms length away his wife leaned over for a sunset kiss his head got knocked by a blunt object and he became dazed and confused for a time. When he came to he witnessed a group of young boys taunting grabbing feeling up and about to gang rape his pride and joy his beloved beautiful wife. He yelled stop please don't hurt my wife she is all I have please I have a car take the key. Take my 1970 Ford Mustang convertible 428 Cobra Jet take it its your just don't hurt my wife. The leader of the group a real meth head he grabbed the car key out of his hand. Kicked him him down. He then told his crew lookie here boys we just can not lose today. We got the Car and we got the Woman. His wife became enraged with anger that her husband offered his car he worked on for 5 years in exchange for his wife safety. She started to put up a real fight and got stronger and stronger as she ordered the Meth head to give her husband's car key to her now. She kicked one guy in the balls and was able to get the key out of the mans hand. She fought for her life but it was 3 of them and meth head did not even realize she got the key out of his hand until she tossed the key into the hillsborough river and this Nazi jacked up on crank speed squared up to this 45 year old food bank volunteer kind woman of grace who loved her husband had already incurred the worse hardship losing a child at birth but a year later gave birth to an unplanned healthy boy who drowned at Summer camp because the counselors were busy having sex and not watching the children. She found happiness were she could find it and was sad every day of her life until her husband made her smile or she fell asleep riding in her husband's car for the first time she had felt some kind of joy naturally from the car ride and the sound of the powerful engine with the top down fresh air enjoyment and feeling alive something she had not felt all at the same time in 7 years. It took only a moment for the angered predator to respond that was my car key my car mine and with anger and range never before witnessed by anyone he punched the woman right on the side of her head so hard her knees buckled like Jello she fell to the ground instantly paralysed. He head laid close to her Husband who just regained his vision from the kick he got to the head after handing over his car key. As he came to he was able to touch his wife and look her in her eyes as she blinked twice and crossed over from living to dead. It was quiet an experience the real meth head predator and his crew walked over to the 1970 Cobra Jet and the prick sat down in the drivers seat and ripped a
dashboard picture of the mans wife and two small keepsake crosses tossing it out like a piece of paper trash.
He pulled out a standard flat head screwdriver from his pants pocket and simply stuck it into the ignition like a key twist it and turned the car on he pulled out his dope pipe lite up the toochie and passed it to his crew telling them to take a hit of spice the roar of the engine was very loud just idling in confines of the small ice cream shop parking area. The spice unlike meth turned him into a raging monster having no fear no care finding joy in causing agony. He began to thunder the 428 super cobra jet big block engine he pushed his foot down harder and harder on the throttle making the thunder sound louder and louder causing all the windows to break. He put the car in gear and activated the stall converter and revved the engine for a bit as the stall took hold and suddenly the area was engulfed with thick black smoke coming out the dual exhaust he released the stall and the car accelerated forward with brute force crashing into and right through a low 3 foot hand crafted solid stone historic wall that stood there for over 100 years The perfect front grill of the restored beauty now crashed in busted and destroyed
the spiced out driver floored the car using it as a battering ram hitting anything he could as if it was a game. He put his foot all the way down and felt the exhileration of the powerful 428 cobra jet super snake under full throttle for about 3 seconds and then his head was completely decapitated clean at the jaw line. His body was thrown from the car like a piece of grass sod when laying it down. Just slung and bleed out into a well deserved grusome end. The two other guys were delt a horrific well deserved ending as well. One was thrown and sliced in half split down the middle from the top of his head all the way down by light pole tension wire that supported the pole. The car became wedged between a historic water tower super structure and on top of a solid 12 inch pipe that ran underground but was exposed for a few feet. This exposed pipe raised the rear of the car up so the wheels were not touching the ground as the car came to a stop. The wheels were still spinning and it sounded like the accelerator was on full throttle. People started to crowd around and from a distance could hear the 428 roar with a long continuous thunder as the 428 hit its maximum rpm having no rev limiter this means it just continued to slowly increase past its maximum speed. As people gathered around no one could figure out how to turn the engine off as the ignition was destroyed and non existant after it was turned out without the key. A man screaming louder and louder from under the car got the attention of everyone. He was begging for mercy for someone to help him. He was told don't move but he continued to try and slide on his back inch by inch to the rear of the vehicle as it set off the ground not noticing the two rear wheels spinning at a breath taking rate. He neared the drivers side rear wheel and made an arrogant comment that he would be free and how he was going to stick a pipe into the 428 super cobra jet valve cover and put a final end to this car like his buddy did to the woman when she tossed our key to our car. If I can't have it nobody can we killed her and now this car refuses to give up in about a minute I'll will make it stop. All of a sudden the 428 Super Cobra Jet idled down it to a short calm children said they saw a woman in the drivers seat and she smiled the adults did not see a woman but saw that there appeared to be someone in the drivers seat operating the gas pedal. One man filmed it with his cell phone the gas pedal was being controlled by an invisible force. The children ages ranged from 7 to 12 all said they saw a similar woman sitting in the seat she began lightly revving the car's motor. Then she turned her head to the left and looked out at the rear drivers side wheel and she began accelerating the gas pedal slowly the children did not see what almost all the adults saw and several mobile devices captured the wheel as it increased in speed almost slow motion like pulling the last man under the wheel and then increasing with a sudden rate of spinning acceleration the man who moments prior told everyone this car was going to end forever as he stopped it by wrecking a pipe into the Valve covers destroying and forcing it to lock up. The scene turned into absolute sick horrible gross never before as his body was slowly shredded from his head and ripped torn melted ravished his whole body leaving no form of body nothing just plowed up revved up into a burn out. The video changed the world.


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