Misogyny fetish

I'm not sexist by any means. I'm a guy who's 100% with gender equality and believe women should be treated equally and have equal socio-economic rights. Though I really get off misogyny and/or patriarchy.

I would read about women's oppression from historical past to date to get off. I would feel saddened and disappointed when hearing about the oppression, but at the same time get so turned on.

For instance, the male guardianship system in Saudi Arabia (no racist intent, apologies to any Arab readers) really turns me on. The idea of a woman needing a legal guardian from birth to death, from her father to her husband to even her own son. I would just masturbate imagining myself living in an extreme patriarchal place, a place were like ;

All girls and women will have a male guardian, they will all wear a dog-collar with a tracker and tag for guardian info. Young girls go to a separate school to just learn home economics and domestic-related studies. Policies mandating women to have long hair, wear dresses and high heels. Women cannot travel without a guardian and cannot work outside the home. Guardians would discipline disobedient women using corporal and/or humiliating punishments. Women with no guardian would be under custody of the state until they are assigned to a male citizen.

Yeah you get the idea.


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  • Wow, you sound like a gigantic loser.

  • Wow, you sound like an even bigger loser for kink shaming.

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