Making my mom mine.

My name is Tom, and after my dad ran off with his secretary, my mom was deeply depressed. I know she didn't feel attractive, which is why other than work, and getting groceries, she mostly stayed at home. Why she would ever think she wasn't attractive is beyond me. She is very attractive to all my friends and . Seeing her partly or completely naked over the years, I knew her body completely. I don't know how many times I had an orgasm shooting my cum all over my belly thinking of my mom. Once we were quarantined together, my desires for her body only increased. Being together all the time, I began lusting for my mom. I needed to fuck her sexy body.

Finally one night I told my mom how much I loved her. "Thank you Tom, she answered, and I love you more than anything," she lovingly responded. I also think you are gorgeous, and so do all of my friends," I honestly told her. She looked so damn sexy in the short thin blue robe she was wearing. As I stood right in front of her I took her shaking hands in mine and pulled them from the lapels of her robe, causing her robe to open part way! I looked down at the body I had been lusting for and it took my breath away! Her tits were big, with only a bit of sag, with large dark areola's and topped with two large nipples! Her waist was thin with only a slight bulge at her stomach. She also has some great legs.

We both let out a loud moan as sparks flew between us at the touch of my engorged cock across her abdomen.“Oh, Mom.” I gasped and quickly lowered my head, pressing my mouth against her parted lips. She groaned in response of my lips, meekly trying to escape my grasp. I quickly slid my hands inside her parted robe, grabbing her by the waist and pulling her towards me wrapping my arms around her waist. Her tits flattened against my chest as my dick crammed into her midsection with my balls nestled into her triangular brown bush! Again she let out a groan as I pulled her against me, my mouth sealed against hers. I could feel her concede as her body relaxed. Her breathing began to take on a gasping rhythm as she started to respond to my kiss and I could feel her slightly rubbing her torso against my rock hard cock!

I needed her naked, I WANTED HER NAKED!, so I slid my hands up her back, grabbed her robe around her neck from the inside and pulled. She allowed her arms to slide down and the robe drifted off her shoulders and down to the floor. I immediately wrapped my arms back around her, my passion taken to a new level just knowing I had my own mother completely naked in my arms! I renewed my vigorous kiss, my hands roaming up and down her back in a frenzy filled embrace! “MMMMMMMMMMM!!!!” she moaned, finally giving in. She wound her arms tightly around my neck and returned my kiss with unbridled passion, opening her mouth and jamming her tongue into mine where they dueled in a lustful fencing match! We stood there in this crushing embrace, our mouths ravishing each other's, rubbing our groins together in a maddening caress. I swept my hands down her sides, grasping a full ass cheek in each hand, and pulling her up and tightly towards me, flattening her pussy against my throbbing cock. This swept her right off her feet with only her toes still in contact with the floor as I clutched her by her ass.

This only served to heighten our passion as our heads bobbed wildly in the throes of an all consuming kiss while our groins mimicked our mouths in a crushing kiss of their own!! I completely lifted her off the ground just enough so I could walk us both towards her bedroom. She quickly wrapped her feet around my ankles to steady herself as I slowly moved us into her room, neither of us missing a beat in our illicit kiss!! I finally felt the back of her legs come into contact with the edge of the bed and stopped for a moment before slowly lowering us both onto it.

We came to rest with my body covering hers, her arms still tightly wrapped around my neck, kissing wildly as I lay between her widely splayed legs. The heat in our systems was reaching unbearable levels as we continued to rub our groins together, me bearing down, while she lifted her ass off the bed to meet mine. I knew then that this was going to be the fuck of my life! We continued at each other like two love starved animals, moaning and groaning loudly, mouths devouring each other, our hands running wildly over each other's body and dry humping each other in pure desperation. As we were lost in the throws of passion, another jolt of excitement tore into my overloaded brain. In the mist of thrashing around my cock managed to wedge itself between the puffy lips of Mom's undulating cunt and I felt the underside suddenly become soaked in hot, runny juice!

My Mom's slit was completely soaked and the feel of her hot emission on my prick was sending me headlong toward a huge orgasm! I broke our kiss and dove headfirst between my mothers soft firm tits, rubbing my face against them before turning my head to her left one and capturing the entire end in my mouth, sucking wildly on it! “OH BABY!!!” my mother groaned as I ravaged her titty with my sucking, pulling mouth. I sucked hungrily at her breast as she ran her hands through my hair, mashing my face down against it. I released her left tit to quickly capture her right and proceeded to ravish that one in the same manner, my mother pulling at my hair, smashing my face into it as if she was trying to fit her entire tit into my mouth!

I pulled free of her breast as we continued the excruciatingly pleasurable motion of cleaving my hard dick between the swollen, wet lips of her cunt! I was drowning in emotions I had never felt before as I kissed her succulent tit all over before working my way up her tit onto her neck. There was no way I could stop. I had come too far and had realized how desperately I wanted her, how badly I needed to fuck her! I had never been this turned on in my life! I attacked her neck with hot, frantic kisses, like a man possessed as I quickened the pace of my humping cock slicing between her wet, extended pussy lips! “OH, BABY” she groaned, arching her neck against my insistent lips.

I kissed my way up her neck, stopping for a moment as I voraciously sucked on her earlobe and then made my way across her chin.“OH, CHRIST!!” she groaned, pulling my face down and mashing her lips against mine! With our lips once again pasted together, our bodies were frantically rubbing together, desperate for the only release that would satisfy us! In our squirming passion, I suddenly found the head of my bloated dick resting against the soft, hot, fleshy opening of my mother's cunt! As I paused for just a second, taking in the heat of exuding from her weeping love hole, I felt her swiftly tilt her hips and roughly press herself against me. Savoring this moment for as long as I could, I continued to grind my mouth against hers, our tongues sliding along each other’s.

Suddenly I felt my mother's hands on my tightly clenched ass. I felt her dig her long, painted fingernails into me. Unable to postpone the inevitable any longer, I slowly pushed the head of my dick into the burning opening of my mother's drooling pussy! We both groaned as our lips broke apart. Gasping for breath, I felt beads of perspiration pop out on my forehead. I felt feverish and light headed as a wave of wickedness washed over me. Finding her lips once again, I hungrily kissed her, deep and long. As we kissed, I slowly eased my cock down into her flaming core. I couldn't believe this was happening as I slowly slipped deeper and deeper into the scalding depths of her forbidden, clutching canal. I was fucking my own mother!!! Surely I will go to hell for what I was doing, but it would be worth it, because nothing could compare to this illicit feeling of fucking my own mother!!!

It was an indescribable feeling, like thrusting your cock into a wet, burning sheath of silky softness that furiously clenched and squeezed at my lurching cock! Unbelievably, it was hotter and wetter as I went deeper and deeper inside the prohibited intimacy of her very soul! It was nothing like I had imagined, no doubt due to the very taboo of who I was doing it with! While the physical pleasure was incomparable, the fact that my mother was my willing partner in the wickedness drove my passion over the edge! “OH, MY FUCKING GOD, MOM!!” I gasped, finally breaking our lip lock.“OH, TOM, JESUS CHRIST!!!!!!” she cried out, thrusting herself up against me.

My cock slid effortlessly into my mothers steaming canal, my origin, my source! The fiery oven of my own birthplace! It felt like heaven. Even though I was reveling in the immoral delight of fucking my own mother, I was slightly surprised. It should have felt dirty and perverted. I should have had some guilt, but I was only overwhelmed by how electrifying it felt! Overcome by the delicious feelings pouring from my cock, I tentatively pulled my swollen, throbbing, cock out slightly and then pushed it back down into her fiery sheath once again. The sensation of her wet, hot flesh wrapped around my aching cock sent fire coursing up my shaft and into my reeling mind. The exquisite pleasure spewing from my loins was rapidly becoming too intense to tolerate. I realized my Mom must be feeling the same way as she arched her hips, wrapped her legs around my ass pulling me even deeper inside her scorching hot pussy.

My cock had a mind of it's own. Like a piston, I started fucking my mother hard and fast. Suddenly, with both our climaxes approaching, my mom started shouting, "OH FUCK HONEY, OH TOM, DON'T STOP, I'M GOING TO CUM!!!" With my balls ready to burst I responded with equal volume, "OH MOM, SO AM I, IT FEELS SO GOOD, I'M NOT PULLING OUT OF YOU!!!" Seconds later we came together, just as I began shooting stream after stream of my love seed into my mothers hot pussy!!!


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  • I love sex with family too my mom lets me fuck her if dads away

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  • Shut the fuck up sick fucks. Take your incest crap and shove it up you ass Dip shit

  • Shut the fuck up sick fucks. Take your incest crap and shove it up you ass Dip shit.

  • Roy Maynard and Anna Ludlow in Mt Vernon Indiana fuck. They are a real mom and son and I caught them fucking and took turns with Roy fucking his 74 year old mother


  • Well I will drop a dime to call the Mt Vernon police after I google their names.

  • It was nice of Roy to share his mother with you. I bet she's been dreaming of getting fucked like that for years!

  • Whats the matter sick fucks no new stories to jerk off too.

  • Whats the matter sick fucks no new stories to jerk off too

  • The mother-son lovers each face up to 20 years in prison
    A Massachusetts mom and son pair have been charged with incest and could land in prison for up to 20 years, Mass Live reports.
    The alleged licentious wickedness took place at the Fitchburg, Massachusetts, home Tony L. Lavoie’s shared with his wife and 63-year-old mother, Cheryl Lavoie. It was the wife who caught her 43-year-old husband and mother-in-law in flagrante delicto on the living room couch on May 20.
    Shocked by the mom-son incest, the wife called 911 and summoned Massachusetts police. The mom and son were each charged with felony incest and issued a summons to appear in a Massachusetts court on August 20.

    Repost this for me thanks 😎

  • No one cares

  • That is a hot post. The idea of it being taboo makes it even hotter!!

  • I agree!! Hot

  • Oh give us a break! The wind makes you hot sick fuck. Did you cum in your palm again Ass Hole?

  • Oh give us a break! The wind makes you hot sick fuck Did you cum in your palm again Ass Hole?

  • Dumb fuck below.

  • I have been having a sexual relationship with my mother for almost two years now. We've moved to a small town where nobody knows us so we can live as a couple. We still have great sex and last night was a good as ever!

  • Lovely

  • You fucking wish sick fuck. keep pulling your little pud.

  • Same shit. Different day.

  • I had thought about my mom sexually for years. At 26 after my mom and dad divorced, I thought about it even more. At 46 my mom looked like she could have been 35. Then it happened one night. We had the best sex. Being naughty made it even more intense.

  • Pure bullshit a steaming load of 💩 How many times you posted that? Over and over again. Thats all you fucks do is post the same crap all the time. Is incest the only highlight of your sad and depressing lives? You are more addicted to incest then heroin addicts are addicted to heroin. You fucks have a sad life so go blow your brains out.

  • Please stop. Talk to your therapist about this obsession you have with incest and the problems that come from your split personality. Tell your therapist about how you respond to your own posts and how it makes you feel. Good luck

  • Do you idiots think those replies will work. If you stop writing confessions about incest or pedophilia I won't reply. It is that simple Give it a chance.

  • Incest fucking sucks! Same old stories over and over again 🤢🤮

  • That is one fucking hot story!!! It makes me want to go and fuck my mom.

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  • No matter what you sick incest loving fuck write! I will post hatred to it. Now got write some more fake bullshit about how long your dicks are and who you'r lying about putting your micro dicks in.

  • It's your confession

  • Even Hamlet was supposed to have a thing for his mother.

  • Who the hell cares about more fiction Dumb ass Thats all that here is fiction.

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  • Hey Op they think I wrote your sick post. Thats great what do you think of your post now?

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  • Fantastic, I shot my load twice reading it!!

  • Thanks for enjoying my story!!! It took some time, but it was worth it.

  • What took time? Copy and paste fuck head

  • I know you do, but what about me?

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  • Fucking her dead corpse after you killed her and kept her in your bed don't count Dumb fuck

  • Now I know you really are crazy.

  • Do you really think that comment will make me mad or stop posting against incest? If you do then you are much dumber than I gave you credit for.

  • You are addicted to post incest fantasy. You need help

  • Use your creative writing skills in a more appropriate manner.

  • Stupid lame assed post.

    Get this through your head. Incest occurs very rarely. Only a few sick fucks commit incest. Thats a fact you can't change by lying about it. Incest is not commonplace in Society. Most families do not have incest. If incest was on the rise then Society would do something about it. But it is not. So stop lying about most sons or daughters who would want to have sex with their parents. The real truth is that most kids while growing into adults are turned off by parental sex or having sex with a parent. Most children as they grow mentally develop differently from their siblings and go in separate ways. Those are real facts that will not change.

    They will never make incest legal! If it was made legal then the right to reproduce would have be made legal.
    Schools are teaching children about sexual abuse and to report it even more than before.

    You mainly post incest shit because you are fascinated by the taboo of incest. Not that you have had incest. But you will lie about that too. You are anti-society sick fucks that got go. Go watch fake porn and hide in secrecy.

    Now Get this you sick days of posting incest and pedophilic posts here without anyone replying against it ARE OVER. NO MORE! That is done with as long as I'm alive. There are other people who don't like it and I hope they help.

  • Sounds like you're a very lonely , boring person

  • You are a loser dude.

  • And you are a fucked up cock sucker.

  • And you are one sorry ass mother fucker.

  • Incest is more popular than ever

  • Yes it is!! People of course don't admit to it, so there are no accurate statistics available.

  • Shut the fuck up ass hole you never had sex with your sister or your mother. You swear that you don't write confessions and you are full of shit. Enough with this sick incest fantasy you make up.
    No It is not popular, even you wrote the following on the sister site in the post.

    Obsessed and in love with my brother
    "You're in a tough spot. About 96% of the global human population is incapable of understanding how you feel about your brother."

    It's your writing ass hole and don't try to deny that scum bag, even 4% is to high more like 1% if that.
    Stop spreading your fake incest lies douche bag.

  • The percentage is so low because people don't advertise they are fucking in the family you dumb fuck.

  • Exactly, thank you! 👍🏻

  • Fuck you! You have lied about posting here and fucking your fake sister so much you believe it. But that never happened and you have posted here. I bet this one is yours sick fuck.

  • And why not Advertise it's so good ain't it? Oh thats right because it is ILLEGAL and they would go to PRISON. Must not be good so who the dumb fuck lying about fucking their fake sister now.

  • You post this confession! Just like all the other confessions!! You have been found out. No one is going to take you seriously!

  • Absolute drivel

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