Lifetime Secret

I learned how to suck a man's cock when I was a little boy. When I was 7 this man picked me up in the park where I played every day. He showed me a porno magazine to lure me in. Nothing happened but over the course of a week he met me and showed me more and crazier porn. He was a smooth talker and all the while he kept putting ideas into my head until finally my curiosity got the best of me. He was very patient and waited until I asked him if I could suck his cock you know, like the boys in the queer magazines? It seemed like my idea at the time even though he's still guilty for saying yes! He also convinced me that eating cum would make my dick grow to huge proportions when I grew up. He said I could have any girl I wanted but I had to eat a lot of come. A better way, he said, would be to inject it directly inside me! He told me that one load of sperm up my ass after getting fucked was worth the same as swallowing 10 loads from blow jobs. He just put that out there knowing that I would eventually want to get fucked. Again, it seemed like my idea to stick our fingers and increasingly larger objects into my tight hole in order to stretch it to accommodate his man sized cock. It was perhaps two months of this practice before I sat right down on his dick for the first time during one of our sex sessions. I still remember how fascinating it was feel his entire cock inside my body! Things eventually got a little more bouncy rough. But I was a willing participant. Within a month he was praising me for being able to fuck me as hard as any cunt! I endured his abuse for about a year in secret, sometimes sneaking out late at night to go and blow him and get the thing I needed - that cock enlarging load of hot cum up my ass! This is just the beginning of my lifetime Secret, the next phase started two years later when he began introducing me to other men, other cocks, bigger cocks! I want to admit everything but it's late. To be continued ...


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  • My husband does not fuck me. I am looking for sex chat. Chat with me now:

  • Fuck your pedophilic posts ass hole. I wish I knew who you are.

  • During the summer vacation as our second home was vacant and was under
    maintenance. So after lunch I visited the house which is two block apart from our residence. When I reached there only one man was just resting after his lunch and other were away for lunch at the nearby restaurant. I said hello and told him that I am going to the attic above and reaching the top had nothing to do and removing my dresses started to play with my small penis. Making my penis grow to its maximum length of 2.5 inches I started jumping and roaming around with erect cock. I heard some shuffling behind and saw this man behind me with his cock erect and showing at my face from his shorts down. He was not wearing any underwear. He asked wants to play with big cock and spreading a rug on the floor he hold my hand and lying down told me to catch his cock. He too touched my small penis and slowly pulled back my foreskin and told me to do as he did. I too just pulled hack the foreskin of his big cock. He was hairy man and his cock seemed to be as big log sticking out of plain dark hairs. He told me to stroke his cock which I did. Then he told me to open my mouth and such and lick it. I put his cock head in to my mouth and it just fitting into my mouth. Then he got up and told me to stand and he put my cock into his mouth and did some wonderful sliding and licking sucking and kneading of my balls. Then told me to do the same to his cock. I started to roll my tongue around his cock head and into his pee hole. His pre cum was salty. He told me to do the sucking and jerking faster and as I did he started pump his cum. He told not to spit and swallow the cum as it is good for small penis to grow big as it is the vitamin for cock growing. My mouth was full and had to swallow without any thought. He was stroking my small cock also and I too had a dry climax and could not stand further strokes so I moved away licking my mouth clean of his cum. He smiled and thanking me told Good Boy.

  • Are you trying to tell you measured your cock at a young age. First fuck you and you pedophilic post. Second why are you so obsessed with posting cock size on all your dumb ass posts. Third some fucking pedo tells you, your cock will grow by eating cum. I have read that all over this place and it won't work dip shit. It won't work and no kid is going to believe that crap. Stop posting pedophilic posts fuck head.

  • Fuck off pedo. Hope you get Covid-19 and die.

  • So how big did your cock get?

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