My aunt seduced me when I was 14

This is a true story, an account of my first initial incestuous sexual experience and is the first time I've ever shared.
And it happened the summer after my 14th birthday (33 years old now) with my at the time 35 year old aunt in the rural countryside of west Virginia my hometown. As an only child, my mother would often drive me over to her sister's cabin to stay with her for the weekends as she worked as a bartender late nights on weekends so I wasn't lonely.
My aunt was a very beautiful short haired brunette, 34C breasts, tall - she stood 5'11" barefoot and fair skinned. Sharon would often wear bright sundresses around the house when it was just us and I could always hear her coming up the stairs and walking down the hall in her size 12 flip flops. We have a great relationship and became close during my stays there and I loved Sharon.
It was especially dry and humid that summer I remember, and she had a pool out in her fenced backyard in the countryside which we would lounge by during the day while she usually read a book on the lounge chair in her skimpy two pieces (that became almost see thru when wet leaving little to my teenage imagination) and sip her usual - jack and coke on ice.
This particular day I could feel her eyes on my more than usual, all over from curly black hair down to my dripping wet feet as I got out of the pool to dry off, she watched from her chair over her book.. I was startled and froze stiff when she all of a sudden loudly asked me if I could help apply suntan lotion to her back for her. The tone in her voice was authoritative, which made it seem more like a demand than a request. And as eager as I was to feel her pale pillowy soft skin under my inexperienced hands, I quickly obliged and walked over to her after I was finished drying off. She turned away from me removing her purple bikini top and then lied down on her stomach on the chair handing me the bottle of lotion before taking one last sip from her glass of Jack Daniels. She instructed me to "just massage it into my skin Tim in circles all over". I did my best, so young never having given a massage.
After about 10 minutes of working her back and shoulders and then rubbing the sun tan lotion up her calves and into the soles of her beautiful feet as she urged me to, I was becoming erect to my embarrassment and tried feebily to hide it along with my intensely building feelings of arousal and lust for my aunt! I sensed that she noticed right away as I neared towards the end of the treatment she reached out for the front of my gray swim trunks and pulled then down just enough by the waistband to completelu expose my hardening 3.5 inch dick and grape sized hairless balls.. before I could even think to object! My aunt Sharon put one finger confidently to her full lips and gestured silently "shuuusssh" as she boldly dropped down to her knees right there in the grass of her backyard and began going down on me for the 1st time to my amazement and shock!
Overwhelmed and completely taken by the moment, I didn't last long and experienced my first orgasm, as she made me cum powerfully into her warm wet mouth 2 minutes later. She swallowed it all, just like she did my small scrawny penis and balls together into her mouth. That was the 1st time she had taken our relationship to the next level and was certaintly not the last.. that summer of 2001.


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  • I know I was under age at 14 that's when my aunt taught me the pleasures of sex I am eternally great full

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  • Size 12 flip flop...for a woman? Jeesus christ, she was a fucking sasquach

  • Yes my aunt had large feet always.. I could her walking on the rickety wooden floors as she was coming to room.

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  • Good story but fiction.
    By 14 everyone has a pubic jungle.
    You'd never last 2 minutes in her mouth.

  • What the fuck is wrong with you. You don't discuss children here sick fuck. Are you a sick pedophilic too?

  • Thank you! Glad you enjoyed reading my share. It's actually not a fictional account, in my family most men grow very little body hair at all. For me, it was so little at the time.. I was basically bald. The pressure and sensations from both the warmth of the inside of her mouth, her hot breath, and new feeling of her soft tongue swirling around the head of my scrawny penis was too intense! And it wasn't before long, before she made my knees give out from beneath me.

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  • I love it!!! At 14 I had been jacking off for over 3 years. Sometimes 5 times in a single day. I would have loved to fuck my aunt. I was always so horny and she was hot.

  • You must have slipped your micro dick while jerking off an smacked you head. Dip shit.

  • A 24-year-old man prosecutors allege had an incestuous relationship with his aunt turned himself in to Elwood authorities early Tuesday.

    Kyle N. Pavan, 24, Elwood, is charged with a single count of incest, a Class C felony punishable by two to eight years in prison. He posted $30,000 bond and was released about an hour after he was booked into the Madison County Jail.

    “The family got him to come in from out of state and turn himself in,” said Elwood Police Capt. Phil Caldwell.

    Authorities said in court documents they believed Pavan was living in North Carolina. Pavan is accused of having sex with his 34-year-old aunt, Jennifer B. Pavan. Kyle is the son of Jennifer’s half brother.

    Jennifer is charged with the same crime and was arrested earlier this month. She remains in jail on $30,000 bond.

    According to an affidavit filed with the charge, one of Jennifer’s relatives saw her and Kyle having sex on several occasions inside her then-Elwood home between November and January. The relative went to police in March with the allegations.

    During the ensuing investigation, Jennifer’s mother told police she confronted Jennifer about the relationship. Jennifer admitted that she was having sex with Kyle and that he “was her stability,” according to the affidavit.

    It wasn’t known Tuesday when Kyle would make his initial court appearance.

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