After years of marriage

My wife and I have been married for 15 years. She is 48 years old. I am 46 years old. Things sure have changed over the years. When we first got together she wouldn't admit that she masturbated. She also didn't own any sex toys. Now, she has a night side table full of them. Some that she uses when we have sex and some that she uses to masturbate. Her latest favorite toy is a suction cup dildo. I've driven off to work and realized that I had forgotten something to walk back into the house and see her with a kitchen chair in the bedroom, porn on the TV and her fucking that dildo.

Speaking of porn. She watches all kinds of porn when she masturbates. Stuff like lesbian porn, threesomes (mfm and mff), chubby wife cheating, bbc. When we got together she was paranoid that I would cheat on her. After 15 years of marriage, she has had sex with 3 other men (all three multiple times) and a woman.

I had told her I wanted to see her have sex with another woman. She always said no. Then one night about 6 years into our marriage she asked if I was serious about wanting her to have sex with another woman. I told her I was absolutely serious. She said that she was ready for it. She had one stipulation. She wanted to do it alone with her once or twice before I watched. I was ok with it. 3 weeks later she said she was going to bring her home. She was smoking hot. My wife introduced me. We had dinner and drinks. They got frisky and went for it right in the living room. I just sat in my chair and masturbated while they fucked. Afterwards, I asked how many times they had sex before she brought her home to meet me. She said, "Promise you won't be mad?" I said, "Of course I won't be mad. How many times?" She said, "12." I about choked on my soda. I said, "12 times in 3 weeks?" She said, "Yeah! I liked it!" I said, "Well that's for certain." They still have sex to this day. Sometimes as much as a couple times a week. Sometimes as little as a couple times a month.

She's also not afraid to say her mind or what she wants. We were sitting down waiting to be seated at a restaurant and I flirted and said, "Why don't you sit here (pointed to my lap). I got some thing that will make sure you don't fall off." She said, "That's not big enough to keep me from falling honey." I said, "It's not?" She said, "No dear. Rick on the other hand. He's got what I need." Rick is a guy I work with. I said, "How do you know Rick has a bigger dick?" She said, "I told him to show it too me at our last pool party. He's got a nice cock. He can bend me over any time." I said, "and he just showed it to you?" She said, "Yep. I took off my top. He pulled his pants down. I sucked it a little bit." I said, "You sucked his dick?!" She said, "I didn't make him cum! Didn't have that long." She will see movie or TV star and say, "He's hot. I'd let him fuck me!"

As I said, she's had sex with 3 other guys. One was during a rough patch we had. She found out I had been getting and giving blowjobs with a gay friend from work. Wife hates giving head and my gay friend and I would go back to his place after work and suck each other off. She got back at me by fucking one of her friends. Now we have an agreement that oral sex isn't cheating. She said she realized it wasn't fair for her to not give me head and never get it ever. I'm actually still doing that with the same guy. We've had full on sex probably a dozen times total in the 8 years we have been doing things. He is a top but in our relationship he likes mutual head better.

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